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Name : Lauri "Remy"
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Location : Poole
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 11th May 1991
Age : 26

Personal Bio

Name's Lauri as you can see above, but I respond to pretty much anything tbh. Especially if I'm in cosplay.
I used to be pretty big on Naruto cosplay - I was pretty well known as Hidan for a time, branching out into Kakuzu and Madara, but the fandom got too tedious to deal with so I've retired my Naruto costumes until further notice, moving on to other things I've wanted to do for years - such as Marvel, various TV and film characters, etc.
I'd like to say I take cosplay seriously but in the end I always end up doing ridiculous fun things and ruining characters in all the best ways. It's no fun to be in-character all the time, after all.

Cosplay Bio

Sometimes I think I have far too many costumes for one person, especially since I only really started cosplaying properly about four years ago, but there's no such thing as too many costumes.
I started off buying costumes as it was the easiest option for me, but then I got really into making things myself. These days I do a bit of both - if something is beyond my skill and I can purchase it (or something I can easily alter), I have no issue with doing so. To me, there's nothing wrong with buying your costume or getting someone else to make it for you. Cosplay is about fun, after all.

Not all of my costumes are listed here (but most of them are) and I have way too many plans up here that will probably never get done, but I like to keep them up here to remind myself that I wanted to do it in the hope that one day I'll get round to it.

So far, I'm most proud of my Avengers!Loki, Tony Stark, impaled!Hidan and Frau cosplays, all for different reasons. Avengers!Loki was my first costume making completely from scratch (no pattern pieces to go by, etc) and possibly the most complicated one I've made so far; Tony purely because of the arc reactor that turned out so well; impaled!Hidan because I've never seen anyone else do it and I thought the idea was genius; and Frau because the photos I got looked incredible (if I do say so myself).

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