Personal Information

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Name : Jack
Location : Bristol
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 13th February 1988
Age : 29

Personal Bio

Hello all!
I have met some people so hello to you! Some others may know me as MR. Captain who started the Fuyucon '09 ball by taking the first dance with my Wife MRS. Seph.

I am a computer person, I studied Software Engineering at University and currently work As an IT helpdesk assistant for the NHS.

Cosplay Bio

I've worn a few costumes made by my wife, this includes a man dress and The Rain from Card Captor Sakura whic won a prize at Ayacon '09.
I've also made my own costume now, Ezio from AC2: Brotherhood.


Anime / Manga - Obviously! Computers / Video Games (PS3 and PC) Warhammer 40K main game / Space Hulk / Inquisitor and Warhammer Fantasy- although i have fallen out with GW prices! I also play Magic: The Gathering.