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Name : Rebecca
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 21st September 1992
Age : 21

Personal Bio

Erm well...I'm still a student, I'm in uni studying Spanish. I've lived in Belgium since I was 3, but I'm British-American and not Belgian (people get confused xD)
I like drawing and reading and gaming and Pokemon and Tales =B
I'm a huge nerd (just like you) and I like using smileys 8D

Cosplay Bio

I got into cosplay by stumbling information about conventions in the US. After finding out about them, I lurked on the GaiaOnline forum for Cosplay & Convetions, reeeeally envying all the people in the US who had loads of conventions to go to and then....I saw the thread for Expo, and I HAD to go. So ever since May 2007, I've crossed the channel to get to London for Expo, and started to cosplay not long after. I was so blown away by the costumes, wah! *__*

My favorite thing about cosplay is recreating amazing outfits! And showing my love for certain's just so fantastic! Of course, it's also great to hold up a costume you just finished, put it on and think "I made this! =D"

For now, I'm most proud of my Imitation Black cosplay! It was my first attempt at a dress (or dress-like thing, whatever it is) and I think it came out awesomely~! It also taught me how to walk in heels. Yeeeess.

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