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Name : Jessie
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Location : London
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Date of Birth : 23rd February 1988
Age : 29

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I live in London and work freelance at a post-production and Editing lab in Soho, I love my job, especially the ten hour shifts and the free food ;)

I have a lovely Scottish boyfriend who I occationaly see vanishing into the distance at conventions ;)

I went to Japan this year for a while and I'm off next year and probably the year after for a secret projectoh which I'm hoping will turn inot an exciting thing for the British Cosplay Community ^^

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Started cosplaying about 4 years ago, I'm not all that good but I'm learning bit by bit :) I love working at cosplay events and have been doing so virtually since I started costuming. Am currently working on a big winter event in London -

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raven_mocara on Livejournal


Two Events!

Fri, 29 Jan 2010 17:39:27 GMT

Firstly, for you lot  who don't have facebook - My Birthday party on Tuesday the 23rd of February at November cocktail bar in Princes Square.  Need a full balcony or the manager will get pissy so bring along as many friends as you like, just make sure you dress smart as its a bit of a classy joint innit.

Secondly, LADIES I am hosting an Anne Summers party on Thursday the 4th of Feb!!  Fun and games for all the family so long as your family consists only of girls only I'm afraid.  Its a good chance to have a laugh and check out products without those sales assistants who don't know your name but want to know your bra size.  Plus there will be prizes and who doesn't love prizes?




Cosplaying obviously / PC gaming / Animu / Japhop / Star Wars / Art Fashion / Onsen's (not in a pervy way / they just make my skin super soft / Yuri Honjo - which is a place / not a porno / although I do have a 'Yuri High' sweatshirt which I plan to use for a dodgy costume at some point XD.