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Name : Janet
Location : Yorkshire
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well... what do you want to know??

I work in an office, my work colleagues say my talent is wasted and I should work in theatrical costume instead. But really I'm not that good.

Addicted to gaming. and have been since I discovered amusement arcades at the age of 7

Cosplay Bio

ok update. haven't updated this page in soooo long.

had a tidy up of my 'in progress' and 'planned' outfits. Ones I'm no longer bothered about doing, I've cancelled and deleted.

I currently cba to make the Iron Man suit, every method I tried - failed. So all those plans just didn't work. therefore, I've cancelled the outfit.

Resurrected my Makenshi outfit, and hope to get him completed by May 2013 (only 2 years after my planned date)

outfits for 2013 include:
Makenshi (Final Fantasy Unlimited) - May Expo 2013
Sophie (Tales of Graces f) - May expo 2013
An Ood (Doctor Who) - October Expo 2013
A Weeping Angel (Doctor Who) - Manchester Expo 2013
Novice Hame (Doctor Who) - October Expo 2013

outfits I plan to wear more of in 2013:
Soubi (Loveless)
River Song (Doctor Who)
March (March Story) - Midlands expo 2013



happy birthday to me

Wed, 27 Jun 2012 23:03:44 GMT

what with being a timelord, you look alot younger than you actually are


this is soooo true

anyways, yup its my birthday.

got a letter yesterday from NPower telling me I'm in credit by 212 quid, so they are sending it back to my bank account - therefore - when that goes in - I'm buying Clara's Barbour jacket.  The black has been released on the barbour site - however its 200 quid.   ouch

but then, I'll have a complete outfit.  awesome.  and even before the christmas special (when Clara will be introduced)

Might wear the outfit for October expo and Midnight con at the end of November (Billie Piper is gonna be there, and a Big Guest -  someone on the same level as the guest they had at 11th hour con over the weekend of the 16/17th June - Matt Smith was at that one - yes I met him - see previous journal)   rumours are going around that its either gonna be David Tennant or John Barrowman - yes to either of them - and I am sooooo there XD)



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