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Name : Lyndsey
Location : Milton Keynes, UK
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 27th February 1984
Age : 33

Personal Bio

What to say about me. I've been out of Uni for two years and have been working at ARK Geophysics for almost 2 years now. I only started cosplaying this year - although i've been roleplaying for over 7 years. I have really enjoyeed my experiences with cosplaying so far my other passions include - reading (magnga and novels), drawing, fanfiction writing,roleplaying and now coplaying.
People tell me i'm a quiet listening sort of person who can be a lil' blunt on odd occasions. Also that i am a great source of mischief :)

Cosplay Bio

I've been wanting to do it for about two years once i found out conventions where being held in the UK. Me and my other half finally got around to it at Japanex in London this year after staying up silly late to finish our costumes for the event. To say the least i wasn't dissapointed and we attened the AnimeExpo just 2 days ago - of course in costume. I haven't been doing it long but i am amazed at the variety and style of all the different costumes people create. I think i like that best and puttijng my own costumes together.

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Reading / drawing / fanfiction writing / roleplaying / cosplaying / movies / anime / gaming / music.