Personal Information

Name : William Henry
Location : North West
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 14th September 1990
Age : 26

Personal Bio

Hi, my name is Will.
I am an amatuer photographer at college just starting my second year of studying photography. I like to think that I am a friendly person who likes to have a good laugh with my mates. I would describe myself as being normal on the outside and a little crazy on the inside (but in a nice friendly way, not a psycho way).

Cosplay Bio

I am somewhat of a newbie at cosplay. The most cosplaying I have done so far involves dressing up in a cheap Peter Pan costume to be an elf at Christmas and the occasional makeshift Indiana Jones costume. I really enjoy looking at pictures of more experienced cosplayers and I greatly admire the work that goes in to most of the costumes. I feel that if I were to get more involved in cosplay I would perhaps dress as a character whose body is covered from head to toe, such as a Kamen Rider.


Photography / films / manga / anime / comic books / archery / swimming / Everton FC.