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Name : Pan
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Location : England
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Hi! I'm panda-sensei, but go by Pan or whatever you desire. (within reason ^^')
I do my best to live life as much as possible, and I'm usually pretty excitable ^^' Hence why I'm planning to cosplay Naruto in October. I have an excuse to be noisy and hyper ^^'
If you're going to London Expo in October, drop me a message or something and I'll stalk you >:]
...okay, maybe not. I'll say hi or something ^^'

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My first cosplay will be in October, and it's been something I've been aiming to do for a long time now.

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Naruto / Death Note / Ouran High School Host Club / Loveless / Final Fantasy (this list is so overused T___T) / Art / Writing / Video Games / Sleeping.