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Name : Red
Location : Coventry
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 30th June 1994
Age : 22

Personal Bio

Hi there, Ignore all my bullshit costumes on the way in but feel free to stare at my Zexion one the only one that is actually worth while to me ¬¬

17, Studying an Apprenticeship at Zenos Academy :3

My Fave Bands are Muse, 30 Seconds to Mars, Lost Prophets and My Chemical Romance :3

I love cosplay its a great way to make new friends when I'm not Cosplaying I'm usually gaming and going out with friends who end up talking about anime and gaming =D
Quite frankly I'm so sad that gaming is my life and now cosplay seems to be taking over my life too but... Oh Well ^^

Cosplay Bio

I started proper cosplaying in October 2009 but I
had my organization XIII cloak for sometime before that. Now tht my first cosplay is finally done i will be attending many Convetions =] Im currently working on other cosplays. This time im actully making them instead of buying XD =]

Current cosplays:
Zexion - Kingdom hearts - Organization Cloak (New Coat Required)
Zexion - Kingdom hearts - Casual Emo gear XD
Kizuna Hyuga - Strawberry Panic - Le Rim Uniform
Ash Ketchum - Pokemon

Next cosplay:
Tamao - Strawberry Panic

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Dragonball Z / Muse / Gaming / Kingdom Hearts / Final Fantasy / FMA / Strawberry Panic! / Lost prophets / 30 seconds to mars / My Chemical Romance / Nabari no ou / Kuroshitsuji / Ouran High School Host Club