Personal Information

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Name : Naru
Website :
Location : exeter
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 21st January 1995
Age : 22

Personal Bio

Name : Beth Adams

Age : 15

Sex : female (Wishes she was a boy though >.>)

I live in Exeter well near enough there =D
I love to draw cause it's awesome and everyone should love it.
If you like to write, like me! This is my fanfiction account (SO FAVOURITE ME!!)
Oh and I also love to dance! Which is a secret so Shssh...

Cosplay Bio

Name : Naru Chan

Gender : Male (Not really =P)

Favourite cosplay: Gotta be Naruto =P Making a sasuke one for October though yay!

I don't have a cosplay group yet, since I live in a crappy area and go to a crappy school, did I mention it's all crappy O.O
If anyone wants to meet up at cons or just for an enjoyable time =P Just PM me =)


Loves Naru chan

Contact Information

If you want to contact me ^ ^ This is my awesome email!

Then I have face book =>