Personal Information

Name : karl
Location : doncaster
Gender :   

Personal Bio

my name is karl but most people who know me call me mario im 19 years old ive loved anime and manga since i can remember i come from a small backward village called moorends its miles from anywhere so i have lots of free time to watch anime n my other hobbies

Cosplay Bio

i went to my first cosplay event on the9th of october 07 and i absolutly loved it i made some new friends and met some other friends that i didn't expect

Contact Information

if you want to catch a hold of me email me at


obviously manga and cosplay i also love to draw read fantasy novels and i play warhammer at gamesworkshop in doncaster all the time / i also play lots of tcg and ccg like pokemon / magic the gathering / yu gi oh / vs system / dark millenium and many more like i said before i have always loved cosplay / animeand manga but i really started getting in to it when my friend chainy who now lives in london took me to the space cente in sheffield n i bought my first anime dvd box set bubble gum crisis