Personal Information

Name : Takue Shin
Location : Essex
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 2nd April 1986
Age : 31

Cosplay Bio

My fav cosplay characters are the eccentric types, stylish types, or what ever i fancy a try at

so far i've tried is:
Twilight Link
Beyond The Grave
El Fuerte - greatest moment evar! >;D!
Black star
Lt Surge
Soul "Eater" Evans - black blood ver

Contact Information

you'll have to pm me if yee'd like my contact details i no give out free hands Dx



Mangwa's (Korean Mangas) as well as the japanese ones / and..... i guess catergorising it all would get the result of anime/game geek 8B yush i be lazy some times... i think the caffine is running out oh i seem to be having a compulsion to go to the gym as often as i can (yay for being compulsive) and i practically live off Kohii~