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Name : Jennie
Website : http://ring0guu.deviantart.com/
Location : Canada!
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 9th December 1993
Age : 23

Personal Bio

My names Jennie. (Yes, with an IE). I love video games, anime, art, and dance. I wouldn't be Jennie without dance! I love my job, teaching the little ballerina's on Saturdays. Sure, it can be hard sometime but I really forget all my worries when I see them smiling and giggling. I'm slowly, (BUT SURELY), learning Japanese. I'm getting there! Give me some tips if you see me typing some Japanese gibberish.. I won't mind. I'm really friendly and down to earth. I also love to Cosplay. ^__^. I love to talk to people! I love learning about different peoples interests and hobbies as well! I'm a very understanding person when it comes to personal issues, so whatever is on your mind, don't be afraid to say it to me!

Cosplay Bio

I started to begin an interest in Cosplaying when I first started to watch Anime. I love I find cosplaying such a great hobby. Letting yourself go and never worrying about anyone insulting you or poking at you. It feels great to just step outside your box and be someone else, be fun and care-free. Having that intense excitement when you first see a character that you know you want to Cosplay as is the best part. Saving up the money for your perfect costume, (Or material) is also fun, knowing you made it or bought it yourself makes you feel so great.

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