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Name : Manda
Location : London
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 23rd May 1987
Age : 30

Personal Bio

= I'm Manda
- Cosplayer
- Gamer
- BJD owner
- Love Legend of Zelda
- Retro gamer at heart
- Sonic obsessed
- Love my friends to bits!
- Role Player
- I love to sleep
- Love KFC
- Would rather be in cosplay then normal clothes.
- wants to own loads of cosplay wigs.
- Loves Horror with a passion.
- Japanese horror is the best end of!
- Can be a bit stupid at time.
And I love my husband!!!!
Manda xxx

Cosplay Bio

I found out about the MCM Expo from a friend from Xbox live lol!!!!!
He told me to go along with him one day so I did, but I happened to have some evil rash all over so everyone thought I was a zombie or something.

I saw all the people in cosplay and was like "I so want to do this!" So I went back and well its gone from there.

I believe that was 08....I dont really remember to be honest.

Cosplay lets me be someone else other than me for a change and I love to cosplay loads of different characters from different things.

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Cosplay / gaming / horror / anime / manga / bjds / traveling