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Name : Eilidh
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Location : Glasgow
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Date of Birth : 27th November 1990
Age : 26

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My name's Eilidh (or Eli. Whatever you prefer. I like both.), I'm a 20-year-old Scottish girl who studies photography and makes coffee for a living. It's all very boring, I know.

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Oh man, it aaall began 4 years ago...I started getting interested in cosplay after watching Princess Mononoke. I had such an uniteresting life and was so obsessed with the series that I'd spend ages looking through images and on my travels found pictures of costumes and was completely inspired. That halloween my dad's girlfriend and I worked on my first costume. It wasn't great and nobody had any idea who I was but I was so proud :P Whereas now I look back and cry XD

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Wicked / Final Fantasy / RENT / Pretear / Princess Tutu / Full Metal Alchemist / photography / abandoned places / Disney / Full metal panic / The Mighty Boosh / Never Mind the Buzzcocks / Bill Bailey / Simon Amstell / Noel Fielding / Julian Barratt / comedy / british comedy / scrubs / twilight / Alice In Wonderland / Sleeping Beauty / Peter Pan