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Name : Kirsty
Website : http://uncharted-deception.deviantart.com/
Location : Doncaster UK
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 9th January 1986
Age : 31

Personal Bio

I am now a graduate student of Hull University. I'm currently self employed and so I am an independant Candle consultant for "Party Lite Candles",

I had made the costumes for our theatre group: "Rossington Players Youth Theatre group". I am now with a theatre group called "Black Cat Theatre Social Enterprise" where not only do I make the costumes for the group I also sing, dance, act in the productions and help out with the Tech.

I also Volunteer for Sue Ryder, which is a charity that helps people with dimentia and helps with hospises.

You could say that i'm passionate about certain culturs and my friends too both old and new ones.

i think my friends would say i'm hyperactive, bubbly, talkactive, approachable, friendly, realiable and i would say that you can always rely on me to be there for you.

The first cosplay i made that wasn't for me was for my boyfriend who always wanted to make a Cosplay and go to MCM Expo London and so the first Cosplay i did for him was his Edward Kenway (from Assassin's Creed: Black Flag).

Together we are looking to expand our knowledge and try new things as whatever we learn for Cosplay we can intergrate into our theatre group.

Cosplay Bio

I first got started cosplay a few years ago. The first cosplay i properly did was Dave Lister from the UK hit show Red Dwarf.

(List of Cosplays so far) (name of character, which series, which event)

- Dave Lister: Red Dwarf (Red Dwarf convention 2005)

- Sora: Kingdom Hearts II (London Expo October 2007 & May 2008)

- Larxene: Kingdom Hearts COM (Telford Expo August 2008)

- female Luxord (OD): Kingdom Hearts II (London Expo 2008)

- Jak: Jak II Renegade (London Expo October 2008 & 2009)

- Reno: Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (London Expo May 2009)

- Ada Wong: Resident Evil 2 (London Expo October 2009)

- Zidane: Final Fantasy IX (London Expo May 2010)

- Jak: Jak & Daxter The Precursor Legacy (London May 2011)

- Lulu: Final Fantasy X (London Expo May 2012)

- Asbel Lhant: Tales Of Graces F (London May 2013)

- Anne Bonny: Assassins Creed IV Black Flag (London May 2014 & October 2014)

- Pascal: Tales Of Graces F (London October 2016)

i think the thing i enjoy most about cosplaying is that i am very hyper-active and when i'm cosplaying with my friends i don't have to worry about being too hyper ^^

not only that but it's a really good way to have a laugh with my friends and enjoy yourself while being creative :D

Contact Information

MSN - dwarfer_til_i_die@hotmail.co.uk

Skype - jaks.kingdom.dwarf

LiveJournal - http://jakskingdom.livejournal.com/

PS3 Network: Jakskingdomdwarf

DeviantART - http://uncharted-deception.deviantart.com/

Blogger - http://kascosplay.blogspot.co.uk/

Heylog - http://heylog.com/kingdomdwarf

Black Cat Theatre Social Enterprise Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/bctse?pnref=lhc



On Blog now

Wed, 18 Feb 2015 00:53:35 GMT

Well I thought it was best to do an update on here seen as it's been 4 years since I did one.

A lot of things have happened, I Graduated Uni, I joined a Theatre Group called Black Cat Theatre, got a boyfriend who I've been with now for 2 years, still doing cosplays and recently I've been looking into having my Own Business and joined Linkedin as well.

My Blog is: http://kascosplay.blogspot.co.uk/

go check it out see what you think :)



Tales of graces f / Playstation All Star Battle Royale / Swimming / dancing / singing / Jak and Daxter / Assassin's Creed / Kingdom Hearts / Ratchet and Clank / Sonic / Final Fantasy X / Crisis Core / Final Fantasy Dissidia / Final Fantasy IX / Street Fighter / Tekken / Dead Or Alive / Virtua Fighter / Manga / Anime / Supernatural / Red Dwarf / House M.D / M*A*S*H / The Young Ones / Bottom / Blackadder / Porridge / Open All Hours / Fawlty Towers / NCIS