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Date of Birth : 16th November 1991
Age : 25

Personal Bio


I'm a first year Uni student at Staffordshire University studying games concept art! ^^

Favourite games/anime/manga include Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, D.Gray-Man, Golden Sun series, Kingdom Hearts 2, Beyblade, Bleach, Silent Hill, Gurren Lagann, X/1999 and Yu-Gi-Oh!.
I am also a fan of TV shows in general; Merlin, Psych, Supernatural, Chuck and Glee are the main ones!

I'm friendly, so feel free to chat or whatever ^^

Cosplay Bio

I first got interested in cosplay thanks to the cosplay group "JAC Productions". They've been on hiatus for/have split up about a few years now, but I still regard them as my main influence :] Since then I've cosplayed quite a bit, spent all my money and made so many awesome friends. Cosplay is amazing!

To date, I haven't really been *proud* of any of my cosplays, there's nothing amazing about them :3 But even so, it's so fun to run around as my favourite characters!

My most expensive cosplay so far is Sephiroth - but I didn't make it XD I'm planning to remake the pauldrons at some point though.

My favourite cosplay so far is probably Kurogane. This is probably because I had so much fun being him, despite his grumpiness! I have an awesome Fai [Skyla] and Kamui [x-Blade-x] to mess around with too. Not only that, but Vic Mignogna himseld said it was awesome XD Meeting and talking to Vic Mignogna is also a personal highlight for me since I started cosplaying.

I have a personal goal to achieve; to cosplay as many versions of Kurogane as I can! Mainly for photoshoot/competition purposes though, as I doubt his artwork/alternative clothing will get me recognised as Kurogane :)

As of April 2010, I have taken the decision to temporarily stop all cosplay due to the lack of time and money. As soon as the money situation improves, I will take myself off hiatus and get to work.