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Name : Boo
Website : http://kosplaykorner.deviantart.com/
Location : Manchester that Never Was
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 25th September 1989
Age : 27

Personal Bio

Hey! Yo it's Mez! A fellow cosplay/anime lover from manchester! =] Now... My personal Bio.. hmm... lol yaa.. Im passionate (did i spell that right?) about all things Japanese. But I have to say theres only 1 thing i love more than cosplaying... watching Jap Horrors at 3am (when it ish dark and ur all alone) lol 'Ring' seems to have grown on me, even after giving me endless nightmares lol! Anyway enough about that lol.. back to cosplay matters =].. Yeh My main cosplays are Marluxia, Axel and Cloud, (coz they r just the best characters ever!!) oh wait I'll put this bit in the next box! lol

Cosplay Bio

I came into cosplaying not so long ago.. About a year ago... I never knew it existed... =/! Anyway.. I randomly bought an OrgXIII coat coz i thought it'd be awesome to chill round the house with it.. but then i went out with a frend of mine to my first ever cosplay meet.. I was Xigbar (minus the ponytail) lol and i met loadsa ppl who knew about cosplay.. thats how I got into it rele.. lol so yeh im still a noob! My Current Main cosplay is Marluxia.. (im not explaining agen) but if not him, im either doing Cloud or Kakashi. But yeh! Im only cosplaying because u lot do it too ^_^ anyways im off! PEACE!

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kiimaru@hotmail.co.uk =] Add meh! get to kno meh! I might be likable ^_^



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