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Name : Victoria (Ria)
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Location : Kent
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 28th May 1987
Age : 29

Personal Bio

I am a Pharmacist currently working in australia for a period of time. I guess you could call that an informal gap year of sorts.

I'm hyperactive at the best of times and love chatting to people so feel free to message me at any point :D Or say hi to me at cons :)Or ask questions on how I made stuff :) Cosplay is about learning from others and we've all been there with cosplays that fail and need abandoning but we learn from it and I like passing on what I have learnt to others :)

I am also a member of Ranzatsu which is the team behind fushicon. I work on events and have some wonderful things planned for when we run next. I will also be making online tutorials for some of potential themed events we are planning for out return so always feel free to drop me a message or make requests if you would like to learn how to make cosplays :)

Cosplay Bio

I love cosplaying because I love making all the costumes and then prancing around in them all day :D I Like the fact that for a couple of hours I am not myself and I can be absolutly anyone I like :D

I have been cosplaying since 2008 and have many wonderful people and have learnt a great deal about fabrics and technqiues.

So far I have been to Kita, Expo, Ame, Aya, JAF, Bunkasai, Grand Cosplay Ball and Hyper Japan to name a few events. But I really love conventions much more than expo so highly recommend people to go. And if you think Expo is amazing them your gonna think cons are the mutts nuts becuase they truely are a million times better :D

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