Personal Information

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Name : David
Location : Liverpool
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 15th May 1992
Age : 25

Personal Bio

hi im David and im from liverpool
why the hell are the no cosplayers in liverpool its very lonely
iam passionate about phoenix wright, naruto, bleach and great teacher onizuka posibly the greatest manga i have ever read

i have been told iam the most laid back person ever
anyway if you are from liverpool give us a shout

Cosplay Bio

my cosplay bio hmmm.... well my favorite to cosplay as is orochimaru from naruto either him or roxas.
i did try a shikamaru ended in failure
my most favorite part about cosplay is the make up i did a course on media make up and it has come on handy

Contact Information

my email is


horror films / japanese films / jrock / antic cafe / god i love antic cafe