Personal Information

Name : Fraser
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Location : Working In Edinburgh, Live Rosyth
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Personal Bio

Hi Im Fraz. Always had an interest in asian culture. I got into Anime many years ago when Manga started releseing Anime's on Video. Mainly old school but Im slowly getting back into new animes.

I used to do Kendo and Iaido until my ankles got shot... *shrug* what can you do..?

I enjoy sci-fi, prop and costume making.

Cosplay Bio

How did I get started..? Hmmm, I think it was going to Star Trek cons in Glasgow back in 1992. First a Starfleet uniform then Klingon. Then I got involved in a Star Wars group where I learned how to use the techniques for armour based costumes. Jedi, xwing pilot etc...

Currently I have; A colonial Marines from Aliens, A pilot jumpsuit from The new Battlestar Galactica, Jedi, Xwing pilot (Both Canon and EU) Im currently working on a HALO Master chief costume.

Contact Information

MSN - JediFraz@ hotmail. com


Sci-fi / prop and costume making / CSI / Eureka / battlestar galactica / knife throwing / airsofting / sumi calligraphy / Iaido and Kendo...