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Name : Sarah
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Location : Hertfordshire
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Date of Birth : 21st September 1987
Age : 29

Personal Bio

Hi i'm Kitticus ^ ^
I'm like a creative pixie always love being creative in many ways whether it be playing music , or making an outfit or photography etc. ^ ^.
People consider me weird but i like that.

Cosplay Bio

I love cosplay , just because it gives me a chance to show my skills as i make alot of my cosplays ^ ^ which is soo rewarding when you go to a convention or a meet.
I got into cosplay 10 years ago with one of my friends who had been very interested in it and we decided to go to our first anime expo together have been going ever since!
I have started from fairly low down with cosplay, i went for simple outfits and seeing as i had no textiles experience(and hated the subject at school) i started to make my outfits from raiding charity shops and cheap shops for clothes i could alter. From there i then went into trying to make simple things like sleeves, gloves, ears etc and got better at sewing.
I then managed to make some basic things for outfits and became better at altering.
4 years ago i got a adjustable dummy and my own sewing machine and cosplay has been so much easier to make! i still may not know how to follow or put patterns together but using newspaper on my dummy to make templates always seems to do the trick and i am really happy how far i have gotten with my skills as a cosplayer ^^.

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Music / japanese culture / cosplay / art / photography / writing / poi spinning / martial arts / etc