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Name : Sam
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Location : Milton Keynes
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Personal Bio

My name is Sam, I have always loved creative arts and decided to follow it as a career path, to be able to express my love for alternative culture, art and fashion is exactly where I want to be and cosplay is another part of that.

Also, I love Tessa! She is the best, check her out below:-

Cosplay Bio

I got into Cosplay in 2006 when I was fifteen and took a long hiatus from 2009 - 2012 due to the strains of education and private life... but thankfully I am back again!

Most of my costumes are Videogame related, specifically Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid, two franchises that had a huge influence on me.

I love to cosplay as it gives me an outlet for many things, I find making the costumes to be highly rewarding and challenging but it's also incredibly therapeutic for me. I also find it to be a great way to inspire myself and also worth mentioning... it just makes me happy to do it!

I enjoy attending conventions as I feel it's another form of acting and performing, the latter being something I enjoy incredibly and I try to stay in Persona as much as I can whilst at conventions.

I also enjoy being involved in community, so if anyone has any questions of any sort related to my costumes or otherwise than do not hesitate to ask. :)


Film making / Videogames / Sciences / Creative Arts / Dance / Acting / History / Philosophy / Psychology / Technology / Music / Making Music / Sociology / Fashion / macabre / avant garde / alternative culture