Personal Information

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Name : Seo
Location : United Kingdom
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 9th October 1982
Age : 34

Personal Bio

Hello! I'm a 32 y/o nerd who loves movies, reading, writing, nature, cupcakes...and dressing up. ;) As you can tell from my username, I love moomins - something else I never grew out of - and have a moomin tattoo on my left forearm. My favourites include the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Pan's Labyrinth, Legally Blonde and most of Marvel's films. My favourite author is Neil Gaiman. Guillermo Del Toro and JK Rowling are inspirational to me.

I studied sound engineering at college and have a BSc in it. I really enjoy foley work and would love to work on sound effects/adr/post production for film, television, theatre or video games. Maybe one day! Currently though, I work at Thorntons...chocolate heaven!

Cosplay Bio

I've always been into dressing up - but only really been in the past few years that I've actually started cosplaying! I also only attended my first con in 2013 (Collectormania in Glasgow), but now I'm hooked.

Because of our illusive friend Money, I cosplay on a tight budget, which means I can't always get things as 'screen accurate' as I want (I'm also really quite useless with a sewing machine) - but I do try as best I can with my limited resources and talents!



reading / comics / films / D&D / cosplaying / Norse mythology / Viking history / nature / gaming / walking / yoga