Personal Information

Name : Chazz
Website :
Location : Wiltshire
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 22nd January 1991
Age : 26

Personal Bio

I'm Sherlotte, but you can call me Chazz.
I'm pretty new to cosplaying but have so much fun doing it that I'm sure it will eat my time and money for many years to come.
I'm a sixth form student, studying biology, chemistry, physics and French. I'm a bit of a poet, a musician, definitely a singer, and a bit mad... I try to keep things interesting.

Cosplay Bio

I got into cosplaying in September '08 when I met Papercut Perfect and SillyxSora on DeviantArt. I went to October Expo in a rubbishy Scorpian costume, and, seeing all the brilliant costumes, knew I wanted to come to May Expo and have an awesome time.
Hence here I am. I've joined as well, but wanted to meet more British cosplayers, and attend meet-ups, and join groups, because cosplayers are the most fun people I've met in my life.


Singing / gaming / piano / smiling / sailing / manga / anime / science / medicine / forensics.