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Thu, 10 Apr 2014 22:45:00 GMT

Randomly deciding to sleepily update this because why not.

I kept meaning to say and never quite getting around to it that I hate my job and I can't wait for June 20th to roll around so I can be done with it. I won't miss it; this job has fucked me up. It's not even the students or the committees or anything like that it's the "good" people who don't put their money where their mouth is and every time I hear someone talk about how ethical and radical and diverse we are I want to fling my hands up and storm out the room telling them they're so full of shit because if they really gave a damn they'd call their staff out on their casual sexism and actually put people before their egos and/or career goals. But this is how it is and these "good" people mean so fucking well that calling them out on anything just isn't worth it. So since Christmas I've been feel burnt out, not motivated, disheartened and disillusioned by the student union and, clearly, I didn't re-run for the post. I don't regret that except for the part where suddenly in June I won't have a salary anymore and that's scary.

But I am going to do my Masters degree at Sussex in their Sexual Dissidence programme. I'm very exciting, it's a great-looking course and they got back to me with an unconditional offer in under a week, which is incredible.

Skyler passed his PhD and he's now looking for work, which is much easier said than done in the education sector on this island.

And a week tomorrow we fly out to Haneda airport in Tokyo and are staying for about a month because I haven't taken any annual leave all year; I've always been very bad at that. I'm very tired right now, but I'm incredibly excited because, as my dad pointed out recently, it's about ten years since I was offered the scholarship to study there and I turned it down. And as I told [personal profile] pseudorca recently I still don't regret that choice.

All that stuff aside, we suddenly got into Kuroko no Basuke and I never expected to really love a sports anime Free! doesn't count, I hate to say but now season two is done I feel like our Sunday mornings are missing something special. Boo.

I'm sure I had more steam for this earlier, but that's all gone now. So suffice to say it's probably time for bed

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