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Thu, 17 Dec 2015 09:52:42 GMT

So as par the course it's been a couple of months since I last posted and since then some stuff has happened.

I got my grades back for the MA and, by the skin of my teeth, I got that Distinction. I am pleased, but I'm more relived that pleased and even with some distance from the MA I'm still just glad to see the back of it. Once the graduation in January is done, I probably won't need to think about Sussex again.

Pretty much as soon as the thesis was in I started looking for jobs and was offered one at my undergrade college in student support. So I'm back on a salary and we moved out of Seaford and back to London. The move the London was a great choice, though we're in a state of post-moving upheaval and the place we're in is much smaller than before to try and make rent as reasonable as possible on London rates.

But I am enjoying the job very much. I know the place and the kind of students we get, the team is nice and I adjusted to the role really quickly. Though I did give up pre-booked holiday to start early, so I still have close to three weeks to take off so we can travel to the states again. We'll probably do that in the spring.

Otherwise life is fairly... Well, that. Job and London and much happier than where we were a few months ago.

Last year we went to visit Skyler's folks for the holidays, this year we're going to visit mine. And then in late January I get to wear silly robes again for a graduation and (hopefully) get sloshed on free bubbly. Seems only fair after this year.

Plans for PhD are still very much A Thing, but first a bit of a break from study with this job and hopefully some freelance writing, prep for the GRE, and general independent study.

Overall though, things are looking and feeling better :)

There hasn't been much room for written RP, but there's been a fair bit of gaming. It's Wintersday in GW2 and Skyler's first experience. If nothing else I really want to get the drinking achievement, but we'll see how that goes. I'm awful at the bells game and while I've gotten better at jumping puzzles over this year I'm still not great at the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle; the first set of peppermints and then the exploding presents fuck my shit up. :T

That aside, we actually haven't done much of HoT yet--we were moving during the initial launch and Halloween happened, and now we're settled Wintersday is here, but I know Living World Season 3 is coming in the new year so we need to do more jungle running soon.

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