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Mon, 22 Jun 2015 13:48:58 GMT

I feel a bit like since last update I've lost several months to being utterly miserable. Really, I don't get prolonged periods of being down, but I crashed quite hard at the end of January and have been having a hard time picking myself up.

Things are tough, the MA has been tough, homelife has been tough, upcoming life looks set to be tough too.

I thought after six months I'd have plenty to update with, but I don't except to say I feel like I made a lot of progress in life and this MA smashed into a lot of that. I think I didn't help either but I suppose a lot of things just smashed into each other and made the whole thing a bit too much for me to handle.

All that's left for the MA now is the thesis and I've returned to themes of HIV/AIDS. In a weird way, I'm very glad to be back here. One of the papers I wrote for last term dealt with AIDS in Sword Art Online II (horrible, vile show) and I was pleased to find the ideas had some meat on them so regardless of how those go I feel pleased I managed to push the boat out in terms of thinking and take some risks. I think I got crippled by the fear of taking risks and trying to climb back up to a place where I'm not so afraid to fail is taking some time.

I'm looking at PhD programs in the states and the academic job market remains rather barren, but what can anyone do except continue?

In the coming year I'm hoping to do some more intensive language study in prep for the PhD and right now I'm reading Tim Dean's wonderful Unlimited Intimacy which just gets the mental juices flowing so nicely.

Skyler and I went to visit my mom in Menorca for a week. I hadn't been there since [personal profile] pseudorca when we were teenagers. It was very surreal, very hot, and very boring. I'd like us to go back sometime, but not where my folks' place is. More the area we went when I was a kid--it's more lively there and, imo, visually nicer too. In addition, every time I see my folks I get more and more stressed. I dislike the expectation to be a politics dispenser but ultimately know that I'm being asked despite mom having her own opinions already formed and no amount of my semi-professional training or knowledge makes a lick of difference. That, coupled with a very small living space and lack of things to distract ourselves with, turned what should have been a very relaxing ten days into a rather tense and hot affair. I also, once again, hate flying.

In other news is Skyler and I have been playing a lot of GW2 still and I've gently returned to writing an old OC because of that. I'm having a lot of fun; it feels a bit like coming home and hearing an old, familiar voice back in the next room suddenly. I've missed hearing that voice a lot. I'm enjoy some newer voices too, but there's something special about that one.

There's all the HoT pre-purchase kerfuffle which is just... messy. Truth is we're both surely going to buy the expansion, but in my own way I'm somewhat :/ at the three tiers at present, but that's about all to say on that. There's a lot of pages and videos of wank on that topic and now it's just exhaustive.

Not sure what else to say at this time. I'm aware that for the first time in years I won't be starting an academic term or working over October, so there's some toying with the idea of being state-side for Halloween. I'd love that. We'll have to see. Maybe this is all there is to say right now.

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