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Name : Matt
Location : Wales
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 9th October 1995
Age : 18

Personal Bio

First things first, if you look at my profile picture I'm the one in the purple suit! One of the few pictures of me that I don't mind sharing even if it does look abit odd 'cause I'm leaning backwards ALOT and I uhh ... Kinda got carried away in this Bio, made it late at night so it's much longer than what it needs to be x3

Well hey there, my names Matt and I'm an 18 year old student from wales!
Currently it's the school holidays so I'm not doing much other than working on my first cosplay outfit and a part time job if I can get one. In September I hope to get into Glyndwr University in wrexham where I hope to study Geography, Ecology and Environmental studies for 3-4 years.
I'm a big fan of Punk / Rock / Metal music with a wide range of tastes including Foo Fighters, Nirvana, The Pretty Reckless, Unleash the Archers, Blink 182 and a bunch more.
TV wise I love anything funny, comedy shows are, for me, the best thing to watch on TV ever. Especially those old school british comedies like Only fools and horses, the Carry on films and newer things like Mrs Brown's boys and any stand up show! (Rhod gilbert especially).
I also enjoy Sci fi and Fantasy, though when it comes to getting me really hooked it's got to be Zombies. Rather a stark contrast to comedy heh, but I love a good Zombie film and sometimes even the bad ones. The Walking Dead is one of my favourite running shows though I wouldn't know what to say is my favourite film, Lord of the Rings is awesome but not the best, Star Wars is amazing but not the best either. Oh, and I should also say Martial Arts films. You know the ones with the subtitles? Yup, those ones. My all times favourite film would have to be Ip Man.
I'm also abit of a gamer, I don't play video games as much as I used to but I still occsaially play World of Warcrfat, Star Wars the old republic and whenever I can I LOVE RPG games. Final Fantasy 13, Skyrim and Mass Effect 2 are easily my favourite games to play so far.
I do have a few other things I enjoy which I don't mind sharing even though my mates IRL do tend to take the micky. I have a fondness for K-pop which is ... Extraordinarily different to what I said earlier with me loving rock music, I dunno why but K-pop just seems to be something that puts a smile on my face. Maybe it's cause I don't understand the lyrics, who knows. I would also love to visit South Korea and Japan some day, if I thought I could get a decent job out there I would probably move out there tomorrow.
I do enjoy a good party as much as the next guy, though when it comes to Alcohol spirits please. Beer tastes horrible, I'd rather have a shot of smirnoff.
I'm also sort of a fitness fanatic. Not long ago I began cycling a minimum of 5 miles a day and that's steadily increasing along with my cardio and abs exercises. Although I'm not some working bag of muscle like some guys out there I do like to take care of myself, when I was much younger I used to be a tubby lil' bugger so that's changed thankfully!

Well that's a bunch of useless stuff you don't need to know about me, honestly if you want to know me just message me or add me on skype (matt.breese1) for a chat about anything. I don't bite (honestly)

Cosplay Bio

My first interest in Cosplay actually came from watching the Blizzcon costume contests on youtube about 6 months ago, I remember watching them and just thinking to myself: "Dear lord the effort these nerds must have gone to to make those outfits- Wait a minute, I'm a nerd too!" So since then I've just sort of casually looked up pictures of World of Warcraft cosplay out of interest.

Not long ago however there was a segment on "This Morning" on ITV where they interviewed 4 cosplayers about the hobby and from then something just clicked in my head telling me "I have to do this myself". About a week after that I then spoke to my parents about it, they've not been very supportive of my interest of all things weird and wonderful yet to my suprise my dad actually supported me! He reckons I'll get really good at it and be able to make some money by doing commissions when I get good enough ... I forgot to tell him I just wanna wear the stuff I make for fun xD

Contact Information

If you like, you can poke me on Skype: matt.breese1


Sci fi / star wars / halo / Mass Effect / fantasy / world of warcraft / lord of the rings / the elder scrolls / dragon age / fitness / zombies / My Chemical Romance / Panic! At the Disco / Fall out Boy / Avenged Sevenfold / Stone Sour / Unleash the Archers / Falling in Reverse