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Name : Kelly
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Location : Sheffield
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Date of Birth : 2nd May 1992
Age : 25

Personal Bio

I'm Kelly, 22 years old from Sheffield!
I'm currently studying for my Business Administration NVQ at Sheffield City College during the day and playing Diablo 3 (mainly) at night haha. I'm hoping to move upto Glasgow next year :D
I have a big thing for Diablo, Phoenix Wright, Fairy Tail, Alice in the Country of Hearts, Black Butler, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, The Sims, DC, Final Fantasy, a good brew and my onsie :D
I used to be obsessed with World of Warcraft. I'd love to be involved in a Warcraft cosplay group.
Come say Hi! I promise I won't bite :3

Cosplay Bio

I've been 'dressing up' since I was little. I'd pretend to be my favourite super hero or a Pokemon! A few years ago I attended my first con and thought 'wow'. I was in normal clothes and felt so out of place! I ended up buying my first wig on the Friday, wearing it with my yukat on the Saturday and Sunday. I had never felt so involved in something that big before. I sort of thought, hey. Other people can make costumes, why shouldn't I? A couple of years, 15more wigs, a sewing machine and too much makeup later, HERE I AM! :D

Contact Information

Nudge me for Facebook! :D
Skype - kittykatkelly124