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Name : Prata
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Location : In my Laboratory...
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Personal Bio

Usually found to be working on more costumes than I have listed on here - some of which never see the flash of a camera XD

I like making stuff... swords mainly but have also made Sha Gojyo's shakujo (Saiyuki) and Rokudo Mukuro's trident (KHR)
I have also made a plushie Hakuryuu as there is not a single realistic plushie available to buy ANYWHERE!

Cosplay Bio

Cosplayer since November 2007, srs cosplayer since may expo 2008! Oooh, many years and still going.... xD

Proudest moment - Entering the Masquarade in May 2009 with the Saiyuki group!

I love meeting new and interesting people at conventions and expos and keeping in contact with them via dA, CI or tumblr afterwards! ^__^

Contact Information

Find me by searching 'Pratatooie' on any internet search engine and it will most likely be me unless someone else has stolen it! (unlikely I know, but you can never be certain)
Although I have a different name on tumblr - ask me and I may share it.


Anime / Biscuits / Cakes / DeviantArt / Eating / Flailing / Giggling / Haberdashery / Innuendos / Jiggling / Kidding around / Laughing / Metalworking / Napping / Other stuff