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Name : Robin
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Location : SE England
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I am not a cos player - apart from anything I am way too old! My interest is in photography, and I have only recently discovered cosplay as a medium to photograph. I particularly like urban photography and photographing people. Cosplay adds a whole new dimension for me. l am fascinated by the amount of time and effort people put in to their costumes and achieving the right look; they really get into character. My challenge as a photographer is to capture that - and enjoy the atmosphere while doing it.

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I recently took photos at the LSCC at the Excel Centre. It was my first experience of cosplay and I very much enjoyed meeting some of the people and taking photographs; I am simply not used to photographing total strangers that are so amicable.
I also found the atmosphere extremely relaxed and, in spite of coming from a much older age group and just a being a photographer, I found a lot of commonality. I have come to the conclusion that colsplay is not just about dressing up: it is about recreating an image, and that is exactly what I try to do with a camera.

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Photography: portraiture / urban / people / macro / landscape. Art / writing / music / reading / science / microbiology / my kids / my dogs