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Name : Sidekick
Website :!/CeleryMoonDesigns
Location : Berkshire
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Just as I suspected. Words. Everywhere.

So I'm pretty new to the cosplay thing but hoping to learn more with every costume. I really enjoy meeting other people at cons and also taking lots of photos! If you ever see me wandering about come say hello. I usually post cosplay photos to my deviantart account or after events.

I love Cosplay because in costume, you can be whoever you want and I like that. My favourite thing about wearing Cosplay to cons is meeting up with like-minded people and taking photos. I would really like to do a professional shoot in costume but I am yet to wear a Cosplay I feel is worth it.

I'm usually a lurker when it comes to online forums but I am trying to be more social!

Life Quotes:
Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum sonatur.
Imagination, not intelligence, make us human.
Everything not saved will be lost.



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I have always loved fancy dress and would relish every opportunity to dress as my favourite characters. It wasn't until a few years later I stumbled upon Cosplay on the internet and realised my hobby had a proper name and other people loved it as much as I did. I was too nervous to Cosplay at my first con but as soon as I got there I wish I had so I decided that I would return next year and Cosplay no matter what.

Since that first con I have worked on more character designs, got more involved with Cosplay communities and met some really cool people.


Gaming / Cosplay / Travelling / Rollercoasters / Reading / Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Anime / Disney / Drawing / Writing / Comics / Internet / Movies / History