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Name : Brad
Location : Near Salisbury
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 15th September 1996
Age : 18

Personal Bio

In a football academy hoping to turn pro so a lot of time goes into that ^-^

Video games will forever play an influential role in my life, I can't get enough of them, they're great!

Recently started watching anime (Dangan Ronpa) I would like to get some suggestions for more awesome ones ;D

Cosplay Bio

Met 2 amazing girls, both older than me by 2 years. They showed me how cool cosplay is when it had never really crossed my mind before! Their enthusiasm for it made me want to see how fun it could be and I decided to buy my first costume based on a video game (because they're fab) Ezio was my first choice, the costume design in the game was amazing and before long I had my costume ordered. Wasn't the most pro thing I've seen but it fitted the bill and I'm still adding to it. Little did I know one of the girls mentioned before was super hot on Ezio and we did a photoshoot day (pictures arriving in the mail by this weekend I imagine)
Those 2 being the only people I know who cosplay makes it kind of difficult for me to really discuss with other people about cosplays (as they are now in university in London studying amazing stuff!)
We keep in touch but they already have their own cosplay group. I don't mind at all, in fact I'm ultra happy for them, and without them I would never be having this much fun. I just love the different reactions I get from people, even those I thought would never care for dressing up such as most of my football team mates.

Contact Information

TROPICALGoatboy - Snapchat


Video games! Left 4 dead Borderlands Skyrim.. etc. Football! (Southampton FC specifically) ROOSTER TEETH ~ holy shit I love those guys so much! Music- Mainly heavy metal and everything classic. By everything classic I mean everything from Frank Sinatra to Michael Jackson! Bit of dubstep never hurt anyone either ;)