Personal Information

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Name : Vik
Location : Weymouth, Dorset
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 14th February 1997
Age : 17

Personal Bio

I'm Vik.
I'm a college student, lived by the sea all my life, one day want to move into a big city. I'm shy and friendly when you first meet me, but I'm quite caring and funny at heart.
I have many varied interests, I love making new friends, being a fangirl and perfecting my hobbies.

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplaying in October 2012 and went to London Mcm Expo that month as Belarus from Hetalia.
I'm not so much a newbie anymore to cosplaying, but still a bit of newbie at conventions.
I'm not part of any cosplay groups, I had one in the past but sadly it didn't really work out between the members. I'm open to creating or joining one.

Conventions I've been to:
- London Comic Con OCTOBER 2012 (Saturday)
- London Comic Con OCTOBER 2013 (Saturday)

Conventions I might be going to:
- London Comic Con MAY 2014 (Saturday)

Conventions I am going to:

Conventions I'm planning to go to:
- London Comic Con OCTOBER 2014
- Hyper Japan 2014