Personal Information

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Name : Izzi
Website :
Location : Hertfordshire
Date of Birth : 21st January 1998
Age : 16

Personal Bio

Hello, Hello!
My names Izzi. Unprofessional cosplayer and professional derper from Hertfordshire, England!
Here are a few facts about me c: -

.I'm currently studying Performing Performing arts at college.
.I'm a huge a huge Tim Burton and Disney Fan
.I practically live for Caffeine, Conventions and Fright Nights at thorpe Park
.I'm a little self concious about cosplay, But have a ridiculously good time once i'm there
.Im fairly certain I have a horror movie, Netflix, Disney, Caffeine and Emilie Autumn addition ^_^

SO! Come say Hi! I don't bite!

Cosplay Bio

My first ever convention was May MCM in London, 2012 (WE DO NOT SPEAK OF THE COSPLAY. EVER)
The main conventions I now go to are:
.London MCM Expo
.London Film and Comic con
.Collectormania MK
.London Super comic con
I like to think i've improved since my first con, but sometimes i'm not too sure. I'd like to attempt to enter some cosplay competitions this year (2014) but we'll see.