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Name : Izzi
Website :
Location : Hertfordshire
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 21st January 1998
Age : 16

Personal Bio

I'm The Hobbit of Slytherin who lives at 221B Baker Street, rides upon the nightmare stag, Watches anime and parties in the Capitol with Batman and The Doctor...and that one with the pillow pet collection, Joker obsession and a hundred nicknames. But you can call me Izzi.

I'm 16.
I have facebook-
I have twitter- @CoffeeCatCos
And I have tumblr-
I'm not very interesting (can you tell?)
I'm a coffee, cats, cosplay, Music, Moriarty, piano, Effie Trinket, Haymitch Abernathy, Anime, DC, BBT, Sherlock Holmes, Hannibal Lecter, Victorian Era,Hobbit, Elf, Tea, dessert and psychopath enthusiast.
Come and say hi! I don't bite!
Not always.
Only sometimes.

Cosplay Bio

My first ever convention was May MCM in London, 2012 (WE DO NOT SPEAK OF THE COSPLAY. EVER)
The main conventions I now go to are:
.London MCM Expo
.London Film and Comic con
.Collectormania MK
.London Super comic con
I like to think i've improved since my first con, but sometimes i'm not too sure. I'd like to attempt to enter some cosplay competitions this year (2014) but we'll see.