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Name : Jay
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 8th May 1997
Age : 19

Personal Bio

Hello im Haise.
Okay a bit about me (not sure what to put);
I have a major love for arts such as fine art, photography, textiles, ect. My hobbies mostly consist of art and design.
I'm generally quite shy around people till I start getting to know them, then I struggle to keep quite feel free to let me know if im talking to much XD
But I'm getting better and starting to be more social, especially with Kawaiichiki-Pyro introducing me to new people and giving me more confidence.

I haven't been cosplaying for very long and have only recently started making my cosplays, they arn't amazing but they work.
I really hope I can make lots of friends on here and meet u all at conventions around the uk.

I'm really bad at these bios so I guess I will leave it at that :)

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplaying from people on DA when people were telling me about cosplay, and showing me pictures that others had posted.
I started cosplaying in 2010 with my first cosplay Riku from Kingdom Hearts 2 (made by my mums friend Steph).
My first hand made cosplay is Hanataro Yamada from Bleach, I found it rather hard to get the right sizes but otherwise it wasn't bad for a first attempt. But I have learnt from my mistakes so I can do a better job next time round.
Now that I have met up with Kawaiichiki-Pyro and Jessica (who I had not seen since infant school), they have helped me take a much bigger leap into the cosplay world (thanks guys) :D

London mcm expo oct 2013
Fri - Casual Nagisa (Free!)
Sat - Yogi (Karneval)
Sun - Jack Frost (ROTG)

London mcm expo may 2014
Fri- Kuroko Tetsuya (knb)
Fri Evening- Kuroko Tetsuya Matryoshka (knb)
Sat- Shizuo Heiwajima (Drrr)

London mcm expo oct 2014
Fri- Akashi Seijuro (knb)
Sat- Levi Ackerman (SNK)
Sun- Inga (Ungo)

london Mcm Expo May 2015
Sat - Sugawara Koushi

Alcon 2015
Thurs - Izaya orihara (drrr!)
Fri - Hakuryuu Ren (Magi)
Sat - Ryou Bakura (Yugioh)
Sun - Haruka Nanase (Free!)

Contact Information

IG: _haise_
Tumblr: Haisecos


Art / cosplaying / attack on titan / anime / black butler / blue exorcist / blood lad / disney / d.gray-man / durarara / deadman wonderland / dangan ronpa / final fantasy xii / final fantasy vii / free! / fursuiting / ginga nagareboshi gin / ginga densetsu weed / god eater / hetalia / kacchu no senshi gamu / kuroko no basket / katekyo hitman reborn / kingdom hearts / karneval / magi / manga / natsume's book of friends / no.6 / one piece / samurai drive / spyro / wolf's rain / tokyo ghoul / haikyuu