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Name : Cecil
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Location : United Kingdom
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Date of Birth : 12th November 1994
Age : 20

Personal Bio

Yo! Welcome!

Let me just get this out of the way: whenever I see a camera I get this urge to make a stupid face it's such a difficult thing to live with.

I tend to get ridiculously enthusiastic about things and therefore get too excited and find it difficult to take things seriously. That's why if I actually upload any decent photographs onto this, there's a high chance it took forever to get the shot or my face is covered up omg.

I love to laugh and find most things utterly hilarious. If you find me on the floor in hysterics and tears don't worry - that's really, really normal for me.

I'm a tea enthusiast, but I'm allergic to caffeine and that kind of describes most things about me if I'm honest. Like, I'm taking physics at university, but physics is the science I'm terrible at. That kinda thing.

Cosplay Bio

I've been part of a few cosplay groups since February 2009, but I left them at the end of 2013 due to starting University. I still cosplay with my best friends, though, and always try to convince them to cosplay characters they've never heard of. Which is what happened with my Durarara!!, Sherlock and Avengers cosplays and also my upcoming Dragon Age cosplays.
(my gf hates me I swear)

My biggest loves in cosplay have to be wigs and make-up, but I'm really starting to get into prop making as well. I make all my cosplays by hand with the help of my best friend an awful, awful lot. I once spent a week with them to do so and it was the best thing.

I mostly cosplay from books, comics and films. I keep wanting to cosplay from games, and I have a couple of game characters as future/current projects, but I always have trouble finding the time to make them.
(Anders is slowly taking shape though. Slowly. It's only taken a two years lmao.)

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Science / Violin / Reading / Gaming / Bioware / Puzzles / Coin Collecting