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Name : Kirsty
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Location : Oxford
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Personal Bio

I love meeting new people, learning new skills and exploring new places. I am fairly laid back and easy going. I love playing World of Warcraft and watching Sci-Fi and Fantasy films. My favourites are some of the classic 80s fantasy films.

I learnt how to sew last year and now own my own little plushie business called Pluffles. I take commissions so go and have a look and send me a message if you're interested or if you need something for your cosplay. Check out my photos on Facebook: or my shop:

I love to help more than anything so if you do like something you've seen that I've done, please feel free to send a message and I will do what I can to help you. Hopefully as my portfolio of costumes increases my skills to teach and share will be more!
Just set up a team facebook page with my friend:

Cosplay Bio

I only got into cosplaying last year (2013) in May and that was purely by accident! I was meeting some people there from the 501st Legion to discuss making a Stormtrooper and join their ranks and was just wowed at everything I saw! I went as a Fem Han Solo for fun and decided I needed to take it further!

My cosplay that came next was San from Princess Mononoke in October, I got some of the costume made for me (dress/overdress/bands) and it was a nightmare. The person who made it for me did a horrible job and overcharged a lot. So I had to take apart one of my favourite dresses, quickly remade the bands for the first con I wore it to as I only had a week to go! (If you see a shiny dress in the pictures for that cosplay, that's why!). I remade the dress for MCM myself and got a lot of great feedback. Now I refuse to let anyone make my costumes for me as a result of that bad experience unless I know them, and even then I would prefer they help me and teach me the skills rather than do it for me.

I've got lots of exciting projects lined up this year and am really ecstatic about the new skills I will learn and the new friends I will make, as well as see some of the awesome people I met last year.

Planned and in Progress costumes:
Sophie Hatter (Howl's Moving Castle)
Sylvannas Windrunner (World of Warcraft)
Barbarian (Diablo III)

Astrid (How to Train your Dragon)
Demon Hunter (Diablo III)
Wizard (Diablo III)
Dark Lily (Legend)
Visas Marr (KOTOR/Unseen, Unheard)
Slayer (Krull)

Completed Con Cosplays:
Lady Smith Splicer (Bioshock 2) May 2014
Young Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite)March 2014
Black Cat (The Amazing Spiderman)March 2014
Battle/Half Mask San (Princess Mononoke)March 2014
Kiki (Kiki's Delivery Service)February 2014
Full Mask San (Princess Mononoke) October 2013
Fem! Han Solo (Star Wars: A New Hope) May 2013

Other completed costumes:
Magenta (Rocky Horror Picture Show) 2012
Ariel (The Little Mermaid) 2012

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