Personal Information

Name : Sarah
Location : Loldong
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 21st June 1995
Age : 21

Personal Bio

Activist who is easily tracked down xD, TARTlet, cosplayer, avid reader, dramatist, singer, ETC

Cosplay Bio

I think I'm on a cosplayisland banner, I'm the Tifa in an FF7 group lol.
I have a account as idiots-inc, I've been there for ages :D
I've cosplayed Tifa, Lightning, Rinoa, and Namine... I er... think that's it xD I've been in the cosplay scene for a long time, much longer than many others, but I haven't cosplayed as many people ;D simply because I don't splash my cash.


Dancing (Inc. Para Para :D) / Reading / Singing / Prose + Poetry / History (Ancient Rome / etc) / Latin (Cus my Latin teacher's the best!) / photography / Project Chanology.