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Name : Zoe
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Location : Merseyside
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Personal Bio

I am Zoe ● Never really made it out of the 1990s ● Generally a happy-type person :) ● Major Disney nerd (seriously, it's an obsession) ● Ninja Turtle ● Secretly an Autobot ● I love to draw ● Video games are awesome ● I love older anime (Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing, Outlaw Star, Tenchi Muyo!) ● Gene Kelly and Marilyn Monroe are my idols

Cosplay Bio

I first discovered cosplay in 2001/2002 by way of the internet, but didn't get started myself until 2006. My first ever cosplay was Aerith Gainsborough in her outfit from Kingdom Hearts, as she's one of my favourite video game characters ever.

Working out how to make things is one of the most fun parts of the costume-making process for me; I love to dissect a potential cosplay and come up with a method of how to bring it into reality. I'm not afraid of a challenge when it comes to sewing, and as a result I've cosplayed a variety of characters from Disney princesses to Pokemon trainers to robots in disguise! It's a lot of fun having the opportunity to be so many different things. :)

I like to cosplay in duos or groups, and I'm part of a cosplay group called Insomniatic Cosplay. I love to sew but hate to get my hands dirty, so my sister (who goes by Mungojerrie on Cosplay Island) and I have somewhat of an unwritten agreement that I make her costumes (although sometimes our friends do help out; always appreciated!), she makes my props. It usually works out. :P

Feel free to say hi at a convention if you see me - just let me know who you are! I'm quite a shy person, but once you get me talking I don't shut up.


animals / art / cartoons / cosplay / disney / dragonball z / drawing / fashion / final fantasy / gene kelly / gundam wing / marilyn monroe / movies / music / musicals / outlaw star / photography / reading / sly cooper / sly raccoon / shoes / transformers / video games / teenage mutant ninja turtles / tmnt