Personal Information

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Name : Beki
Website :
Location : Lincolnshire
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 10th November 1991
Age : 25

Personal Bio

Hey :)
I'm a photographer based in Lincolnshire, but love to travel about (hint, hint) I love to showcase someones talent, be it their clothing designs or performance skills and transform it into hopefully some form of story.
I'm in my last year of uni (ARGH) doing Commercial Photography, so shouldn't really have time to do anything else, but somehow manage to sneak in a little bit of gaming and watching films in my spare time :D

Cosplay Bio

I'm seriously new to the cosplay scene. I used to play make believe all the time when I was younger, pretending to be my favourite game and T.V characters but never really thought anything of it until I decided to go to my first comic con in October where I ran out of money so had to do a seriously quick Misty costume. I absolutely loved it though and felt such at home, so hopefully will be doing some more cosplays in the future!

Contact Information

I really would like to expand my cosplay photography portfolio, so if you're interested in a free photoshoot of your costume please send me an email at