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Name : Evelyn
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Date of Birth : 18th March 1999
Age : 17

Personal Bio

Tuturuuuuuu! ~
Hi I'm Evelyn and I love anime and video games.
I love cosplaying and am getting more obsessed with it as time goes on!
Top 5 anime:
Deadman Wonderland
Akuma no Riddle
Death Parade
I also love bands and Welcome to Night Vale, my favourites being Hands Like Houses, Set it Off, Muse, The Used, Panic! At The Disco and Avenged Sevenfold

Cosplay Bio

I have wanted to cosplay for a long time, but I started in May 2013 when I decided to pluck up the courage to ask my parents if I would be allowed to buy a Grell Sutcliff outfit.
Now, my main cosplays are Cecil Palmer from WTNV and Desmond Sycamore from Professor Layton and I am working on cosplays from Ace Attorney, Danganronpa and Zelda

Sheik, Ghirahim and Serana (from Skyrim) are my dream cosplays - I am determined to be at least 2 of these 3 within the next 2 years! (Sheik = complete! Wooo!)

El Psy Congroo ~

Contact Information

Instagram - MadlyScientific
Twitter - MadlyScientific
Facebook - Madly Scientific Cosplay
DeviantART - EvelynVale
Tumblr - Madly-Scientific



Welcome to Night Vale / Steins;Gate / Professor Layton / Ace Attorney / Death Parade / Deadman Wonderland / Akuma no Riddle / Danganronpa / Zelda / Skyrim