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Name : Bekka
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Location : Somerset
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 24th June 1991
Age : 25

Personal Bio

Hewo everyone ^^ Mew Rocky here Nyah!

hehe I love manga and anime! My favourite being Sera Myu, Sailor Moon, PGSM, Tokyo Mew Mew and a whole host of other stuff! I mainly cosplay magical girl/generic gamey stuff :)

I have recently graduated from Lincoln Uni studying Journalism so anytime you need a writer or freelancer please ask!! :D

Cosplay Bio

Yay for Cosplay :) my first cosplay was Mew Pudding and it has still yet to retire, since then I have found myself cosplaying more and more video game characters ^^

I adore cosplaying characters that are underdone, even if they're not recognised or putting new twists on cosplays that are often done ^^ I love putting together group cosplays along with HowlingSilverWolf and many others of our friends :D


cosplaying / films / RPing / drawing / reading / fantasy / dancing / acting / anime / manga