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Name : Amy
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Location : West Midlands

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Cosplaying since 2007.

Where do you buy your wigs?
Almost all of my wigs are bought from ebay with the exception of one or two. I also recommend Coscraft.

Can I borrow/buy your costumes/props?
All my costumes are tailored specifically to me, they are not a standard size. I'm petite and quite short so the chances of anything I make fitting as good for someone else will be slim. I put a lot of money and hours into my work, so I'm reluctant to lend out anything. I could never sell any of my costumes and props either, too much of my love for what I do has gone into making them.

How did you make your cosplay?
All the information on construction and techniques can be found under the journal section on here. There are some exceptions with my early costumes when I didn't concentrate on recording my progress.

Can I do a photoshoot with you?
Of course! It really depends on where, when and with which photographer though, as working on new projects take's up a lot of my time. I'm always happy to collaborate with others.

Can you provide me with your cosplay patterns/drafts?
I'm happy to point people in the right direction and explain things. But I put a lot of time, energy and money into researching and drafting costumes through trial and error. Again, everything I make is tailored/scaled to me, so my templates and drafts won't fit everyone.

Which event will you be going to next?
I list all the events I'll be attending in the Notes section on here and on my Cosplay Island profile.

We need cosplayers to help promote an event, can you help out?
Yes, happy to help out as long as the event/promotion shows cosplay and cosplayers in a positive light and you understand there are sometimes restrictions with certain costumes/props. Depending on what it is, travel would need to be taken into consideration and an agreement on what is involved beforehand.

Cosplay Bio

The best way to contact me is via my facebook page.