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Name : jessica
Location : manchester
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 1st February 1991
Age : 26

Personal Bio

Jessica I am 22 and live in Manchester. I love cosplaying but none of my friends share the interest meaning I cant do it any where as much as I would like to. so thought I would have a look on here. >.<

my facebook rant:
hello my name is Jessica and i am werid and proud of it. =D. i am fanatical about dr who and wouldn't have it any other way. i love cosplaying and would do it every day if i could. i enjoy a bit of warhammer. anime is amazing and people who don't like this can go suck an egg because i have had enough of people say that am f****d up liking this stuff. i am who i am.... a weirdo woop >.<
my instagram: lilmisgiggle

Cosplay Bio

I am made about dr who like crazy about it. the newer seasons I have watched a good 3 times and I am currently watching the old seasons as well. there different but worth a watch as long as you can put up with black and white and cardboard daleks giggle.
I also love star wars no as much as dr who but still loads. I am currently making my darth vador cosplay. lots left to do on it.
I have many animes for example chobits, strawberry panic, death note, toradora, vampire knight, rosario n o vampire, gurren lagan, fooly cooly etc.