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Name : Kat
Location : London
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Personal Bio

I live in London with friends, making a small flat in South London the official Cosplay Island headquarters. (Secret base and all, you know)

I spend most of my free time thinking about costumes, chilling out with friends, and playing the occasional video game when I *really* have spare time. Although most of my sleepless nights come from thinking of ideas for this site (and worrying about it). A tomboy at heart, I'm a fan of motor racing, action and horror films and martial arts. I'm a social person, and enjoy going out for drinks with friends - I adore conventions because they've turned out to be weekends where most of the people I adore are in one place chilling out.

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplaying with a group of friends when we heard about anime cons in 2001, and went to my first convention (Minamicon 8) dressed up with no idea what to expect. Needless to say, I was hooked on the hobby as soon as I started. I love being creative, and above all I love problem solving - cosplay fits these both perfectly, especially when it comes to working out *how* on earth you are going to make such extreme costume designs come to life.

Sitting down staring at pictures and trying to work out how on *earth* something can be made, especially with limited skills, materials and money, is perhaps the part I enjoy most.

I'm always willing to try anything and use any material to get a desired effect for a costume, but I'm also horrendous at procrastinating. We'll see what I actually manage to get finished for Minami this year ;)


films / tae kwon do / gaming / formula one racing / rock music / cosplay / mythology / fantasy / science fiction / martial arts / angel sanctuary / kaori yuki / grandia / tattoos / piercings / angels