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I first started cosplaying when I went to see the Pokemon first movie with my friends. I dressed as Ash Ketchum. Since then I had always wanted to do better and more extravagant cosplay, but never had the chance to do so, or knew where I could wear them.

In 2005 I started attending anime conventions . Seeing all the cosplayers there re-inspired me to do cosplay. However I am not good a sewing so I tend to steer away from costumes that are too extravagant. As my skill levels improve I grow more and more confident, and keep trying new things. I'm hoping that in the future I will be able to make the costumes I long to do, and make them to a refined standard.

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I found a dress in a charity shop that was the right colour for Livie's dress. It was 3 sizes too big so I got a pattern, took the dress apart and made a new dress from the old.

I also made the poncho, but I've made it too long so i'm going to have to cut it down next time I am off work.

I wasn't really happy with how the vest turned out so I bought a new one, redrew the picture and re painted it.

I'm much happier now. on the left is the old and on the right the new. You can see a massive difference in the two.

So I have started on my coat for Emily. I was going to use the coat pattern I always use, but on closer inspection of her costume it wasn't going to work. so instead I opted for McCALL'S M7058 because unlike the simplicity pattern, this had side pannels. I spent a while thinking about which fabric to use and ended up going with one that was quite a bit lighter than what it looks in the game because I thought it would look better when getting photos in dim lit areas.
After cutting out the pieces I had to still change the front pannels so they were short and curved in, and then change the back pannels so they had the slant. This was the part I was most nervous of because there is no going ack oce cut.
I think I have done an ok job. At the moment it is just pinned so i can use the pieces as a template to cut out the lining. I tried ot on, but I no longer have a mirror I can look in to check how it looks and the mannequin is about 3 sizes smaller than me so I can't get a proper judgement off of it.

But its too late now anyway. The fabric has been cut. I have no more spare so I'm just hoping when I get it lined and sewn up I am happy with it.

Sorry for the bad image quality. I'm using my Vita camera.

Finished making the coat for Kougaiji. I also bought some trousers that I can use for the costume. I have found a wig on coscraft that is good for kou, so I am gonna order it soon. If I have this done in time for Amecon I might take it.

I'm not really all that happy with how the shirt turned out, so I think I'm gonna redraw and start again with a fresh shirt. Its not terrible and it will do if I can't find another vest ,but I still have pleanty of time to try again.

Since it is snowing today I got told not to come into work, so I thought I would start working on some bits for Nisha. I thought I would start with all the armour and extra bits such as the chains. I'm not really that great at figuring out how to draw chains, but I think this should be ok.I prefer the drawn style of chains to actually wearing chains. it just looks better. I have just done a basic coat of paint for now and gone round the edges in marker pen.

I thought I should try the wig on. It's still a bit awkward but putting it on my head shows me a bit easier how to finish it.

I've finally got round to starting this coat. I still need to find a nice fabric for the other bits on the coat. the thing I am most pleased with is the hood. Th lst time i made a hood it went disastrously wrong with how it ended up looking. (lets just say it the design of it was giving out the wrong message) . after manchester expo I am gonna finish this and start on the god arc.

Since time is pressing on I thought I should get on with the trousers. It took me a while to find a dark red to go in the center,but I found some last week. Again I didn't have an actual pattern for this so I made thez by changing a trouser pattern I had. I'm not quite sure if it is gonna work until I sew then up properly. At the minute they look a bit big and I think the dark red bits could have done with being wider, but I'll take that into account when I make them again.

This has been a nightmare just to get it to this stage. I had to adapt a pattern to make it work but for the most part i was just winging it so the costume ended up being too big. I have had to take it in a few times. I also cut the front pannels slightly too small so I am going to have to make the collar band wider than it should be to compensate for it
The collar looks odd because it is not sewn on yet I just tacked it on for the photo.
alsosorry about any bad spelling in this journal i'm having to use my vita cos my pc broke

Idon't usually do wig styling, but with this costume I didn,t have much choice. I stitched together two wigs that i bought from the bring a buy last year. I'm not sure how well it wil hold up. It still needs some styling

I decided to get this ready for Thought Bubble since I didn't really have anything else in mind.

It's been a while since I watched Outlaw Star so I had to go look for reference of Genes coat. I knew it was a Poncho but I wanted to know the colour and design.

When it came to looking at reference I decided there was no way I was gonna make that coat bright yellow like in the anime references, so I went for a beige colour which I think works really well.

So far I've just done the initial cutting out. I still need to take it up a bit and add the Bias to the edges.

probably my own fault really. I ran out of time when it came to the armour and didn't really get to test it before hand, and because of that it ended up falling appart more or less after we left the room. I tried to rescue it, but it didn't really work. Also the helmet kept blowing away due to the unusually strong winds. I was really not happy with the armour and the helmet was left in a bin at warwick so I am gonna re do it all including making the full sized swords rather than my travel size ones I used. I got a great tip off Sarmander for making swords which should help me for making Date's swords as I need to keep them lightweight.Other things to sort out. the collar got a bit flattened in the suitcase so I will have to remeber to pack the spray starch. I'm gonna re wear this costume at a later date
(probably Ame) so that I can get some better photos.

So i've actually made some actual progress XD. I have made a helmet using lots and lots of foam board and a sports hat as a base. It's not exactly how I would like it, but at least I have one for now. if i have enough time in the next three months I might try to make another, but I am really stuck with how to get the shape right.

I finally got round to painting the back of the jacket. I used a stencil to put the design on. i think it might be a little small, but hopefully that shouldn't matter when it's all together

finally got the collar sorted out so i started to add the bias. I still need to add it to the sleeves. After I have painted it I am gonna start work on the armour, helmet and swords etc then i'm gonna start on the final coat so that if I don't have time to re make it I will at least have this version to go with.

I am really getting annoyed with this collar. I can't seem to get it to work properly. I tried to expend out a collar from a pattern, but the shape seems wrong so i'm gonna have to try again I think ( I NEED HELP!!!). I'm getting quite behind on this costume now. I still need to make the helmet and the swords. I hope I get it finished in time. Gotta press on.

I think I nearly got the pattern sorted. I took the front up a lot, so now it is in more or less the right place. I put the tape on the edges just to give myself a better idea of how it's looking. At the minute it's all folded over round the back so I'm gonna have to make sure I take the pattern in, hopfully it will flare out more and I won't end up with it looking fine round the front, but all tucked under itself at the back.

One of the problems is the manequin I am working on. it's 2 sizes too small for me and has no hips. I'm gonna solve that next pay day buy buying a proper taliors dummy. taht way I don't have to worry so much not being able to tailor it in properly.

I also realise this demo material is probably a bit too dark. It matches up to the reference, but when you take a photo it makes it look darker, so a lighter shade is in order.

next I need to figure out that collar and sort out the shoulders. Only problem is I can't sew it together because I need it as my pattern for the actual one. In this version I can use spray starch to make everything crisp and stand up, but I think the other material might be to heavy for that.

oh well, this is why I said I would start this one early and spend the whole year sorting it.

Because I have no pattern for Masamune's jacket, I have to wing it. I didn't want to use the good material first, so I made a mock up with some cheaper material I bought so I could see what to do before I used the expensive stuff so I didn't muck up like I did with Okita.
I'm now looking at it to see what I need to correct. It needs to be taken in a lot. I also think the front pannels are still too long and the cuts in the back need to be bigger too. I'm gonna sew it up and when I am happy with it, I will use the other material.
I think one of the reasons it looks off to me is because I don't have the swords on it. I'm not use to seeing the jacket without them so It looks odd.

Oh yeah, the reason it's so dark is because it's game version.

Got my wig today. It's a lot lighter than i thought it was going to be, but it's the right shape and length. I still have to style it, and i'm not good at that, but since I'm gonna have the helmet on it doesn't matter too much.

Finally finished. Just waiting for paint to dry then I can iron it in.
This is the only costume this year I am actually happy with. It's not perfect, but it's fine for now. My sister decided she wanted to cosplay as Shinpachi to the ball with me, so were gona try and get some photos done before hand before all the light goes.

This costume has more or less been a failure from the get go. I messed up on the pattern, and then nothing seemed to right.I am really not happy with the end result. I wont be remaking this costume as it has been to much of a pain to do. It's a relatively simple pattern. I just messed it up.

I don't really think any of this years costumes are particularly great compared to last year. I need to slow down more and take more time in future.

I had originally intended to applique the coat, but decided it would be to difficult. Painting it was no easier.

trying to make neat circular shapes is difficult with masking tape,and the ammount of paint i have gone through. It's suppose to be painted on the inside and out, but i can't afford to do the inside aswell. I was hoping that more of the paint would seep through so I wouldn't have to, but that didn't happen.

I'm not happy with the end result so i'm probably gonna end up remaking it when I have the time. My sister sugested I knit the coat instead, but I have never tried to do that so it might take time to learn.

painting this coat is a nightmare. I used masking tape fo keep in neat, but that hasn't worked. I think I need to start again, but I don't have time right now since it's about 22 days till Ame.
I will just try to finish it and then I will make another when I get back. It's gonna look crapy for now, but I don't have the time to fix it right now.

I've recently been having trouble with this dress. I cut out the first dress and ran into trouble when to came to sewing up the sleves. i had lots of excess material round the armhole. At first i thought it was just me cutting it wrong and decided to press on regardless and i cut it to shape. when i came to sew he second dress i got the same problem.
I decided to think about it more because i knew that i had used this pattern before for Erika and never ran into such problems. then I realised I was sewing the left side of the pattern to my right hand side. So now the second dress needs re pinning the other way round, and the underdress now had to stay the wrong way round.
I still can't figure out how I did it. the 1st dress material is shiny on one side, which is the side I was gonna have to the outside, so i'm not sure how I cut it wrong unless the pattern was upside down when I cut it out. I would flip the 1st dress, but it's already sewn up and I have already altered the cut of the dress to be like Yorda's. so I will just have to deal with it.
I feel stupid for doing it. If the material was reversable It would have been ok, but nevermind live and learn. XD

I finally got my wig the other week. Appaerently i didn't collect it from the sorting ofice in time, so it went back to the seller who sent it back out to me.The coat and under garments are done. Now all that is left is my gloves, boots and to paint the design on to the coat. I was worried that the green top might've looked too dark, but it seems to be ok while wearing it.

now i just have to learn how to pose to i dont always look so awkward.

I finally got round to making the scarf and finishing the overalls. Now i just need to add the crow head to it. It's a two toned scarf, although it's not that noticable in the photo.

then I can get the coat started. I might actually get it finished in time

I've made the under green top. I bought the shirt from Primark, and I started to make the coat.

I couldn't find a fabric with the Koi and flower design on it. so I just lined the coat black and I'm gonna either stencil or use t-shirt printing paper to put the design on.. but before that I still need to attach the collar, widen the arm holes and add the red Bias.

I maneged to pull it back from the brink. I maneged to pin it so it was correct, now I have to cut off the excess and paint on it before I sew it up.

I love the colour of this material. I still have to dig out the sleeve pattern, if i can find it.

I did have a go a cutting a cheap with this morning to look like Okita's, but I looks awfull. I kept laughing at how hideous it turned out. My sister maneged to make it look more like it, but I think I am gonna just buy one. The cheap wig really didn't have enough layers to it.

I ended up using the wrong pattern by mistake. I have a very limited ammount of this material, and it was quite costly to get. I'm not even sure if the store had anymore left. So I have tried to alter the pattern using my shinigami robes as a guide to how it should look. I think it's about right now, but I wont know properly until I sew it up and add the sleves and collar. but just in case, i'm gonna go check for more material when i go back to the material store and start again if I have to. on the plus side, if it does turn out to be unusable, I can use it to pratice painting the chain link pattern on it. It also might look alright under the Shinsengumi Haori as it should cover any errors.

I've just got to learn to slow down a bit. If I had I would have noticed it was the wrong pattern.

Overalls all cut out. At the moment the shorts are pinned to the bib, but I will finish sewing that tomorrow.

I realised something about the jacket, which I really should have done a long time ago. If I am to applique it. I have to applique on both sides. I only just thought that the colour is on the inside and the outside. This might make it a little bit more difficult as it means I have to match it up perfectly on both sides, but if I measure it out before hand, it should be ok.

Once I have finished sewing the Overalls i'm moving on to the jacket

well my pattern arrived a while back, but since I have been working everyday for a while, I havent had time to actually look at it. It's not actually as complex as I thought it would be. thinking about it, I probably could've just got one of the trouser patterns I already have and the top to a dress pattern, but nevermind. Atleast this way I have instructions to go back to if I go wrong.

So far I have cut everything out,but I have only made the bib. I was worried that I had cut the pattern out too small, but I am having difficulty keeping it up at the minute. I had to take it in quite a bit and I still think it's a bit too loose. I know that overalls are supose to be slightly lose and once I get the straps in place properly it should be fine.

I would take a photo to show progress, but at the minute with no hemming and the straps not being properly attached it looks a mess. So i'll leave it until it's a bit more refined. I'll do more when I next get a day off from work.

Started to make the hat. I used the same pattern that I am using for my Vino hat, and attached it to a novalty police hat. I could spend the time making the frame, and ading the black to the hat with the firm peak. but why do all that and it look cruddy, when I can just sew over a police hat with all the frame and peak already attached. It's gave it a much better finish.

Just got to finish sewing it and attach the embelem.

Yay! my wig came today. Finally I can start to see what it looks like together. Sorry for the dogged looking picture. I don't have base make up on, only eyeliner to do a quick test because I had to go to work so I didn't want to have to wipe it all off.

The coat has all been hand sewn due to the fact that the PC I am currently using is where the sewing machine use to be, so the bias looks crappy up close because of me not being able to sew in a straight and neat line.

The white shoulder armour is made from foam board which I am going to cover in material to make it look a bit more accurate, and I still have to add the belts and the patches, but I'm basicly finished now. I just have to style the wig when I get there and sort out some props.

My wig still hasn't arrived. It really should,ve by now. Oh well I still have till november.
I've now bought a skin colour shirt to go with my costume since I am gonna be wearing it in the winter. I thought for now, instead of taping my boobs back I would want to be warm and go for a t-shirt instead. It also means that I wont have the cold chains touching my naked chest and making me even more cold.

I've got the bias. it's called autumn yellow or something for if i need anymore, but since I bought 12 meters I think I should be fine. Now all i need is some free time to actually finish all the sewing and I can get to wokr on props.

I'm using the same pattern I used for Jin Kisaragi, but It was too short for Kenren, so I had to buy some tracing sheet to extend the pattern down. I still need to cut out the sleves and collar and actually sew the thing, but before I go on I have to go to get some Bias to go round the edge of the coat. My wig should have arrived by now. I just have to go pick it up when I get the chance.

I think I ended up buying too much material since I have Loads left over, so I'm gonna use it for another costume. I'm glad I decided to make the coat out of a cheap fabric before I made it in leather though.

Ok I wasn't quite happy with the finish this costume had at Ame. It was pretty much rushed at the last minute. which is why i've started to re work it. I've changed the red circles on her coat from foam to 3d paint. Unfortuantly while it was drying, one of the sleves sliped, so it's slighty gone a bit wierd, but luckily it's on the inner side of her sleeve, so it shouldn't be too noticable.

I'm trying yo sort out the wig a bit better too. Last time I hadn't cut the fringe before I left,and i forgot to take reference. my sis did a good job of remebering, but it just needs a little bit more tinkering, ad do the ears and her fake ears.

I was also missing most of my accessories as I forgot to pack them, and didn't get time to make the bracelets properly, so they are on my to do list.

Once it's finished. I'll be taking it to any Blazblue groups i can find.

I think I have finally figured out a way to make the sword myself.
I've drawn some rough sketches (very rough) now I just need the time space and cash to get on with it. It's gonna mainly be made from foam board and cardboard. I just need to figure out a safe handle and what i should use for the pipes and the bottom of the sword. I'm thinking the same thing I used for my Nyoiboi, but I want to give it a highly polished chrome look, and I'm not sure how well it will take to metalic paint. last time I sprayed material like that it coroded straight through it.

Being made out of mainly foam board should make it light, which is good because with the length of it it's gonna be hard to be able to hold up anyway.

I had planned to make the staff so it coild break apart , but I realised I had to make it con safe and I couldn't find any safe chains. In the end i decided to just make it as one piece. I just bought some foam tubes and painted one red with acrylic. I then used kitched roll holders for the ends topped with polystrine balls painted gold and glues it all together

I bought a headband and created the shape of Goku's Diadiem out of cardboard from the back of a sketchbook. I then created the same shape too add over the top of the first,but with the centre cut out to add depth to the Diadiem. I then just glues it and spyayed it with a gold paint and then used doubble sided tape to attach it to the headband. It slightly lifts off at the corners, so I have put two gold hair grips at the ends to hold it together.

This is the 1st time I have ever made boot covers before, and to be honest... they are terrible XP I'm not even sure if they are gonna hold together.

I didn't really know how to make them, but a cosmode sugested I trace round the boot and use that as a template. It sort of worked, but I really need to improve on them later or just buy some next time

I have been working almost non stop on trying to get this costume together.
The pattern I had was not completly accurate to jin, so i decided to cut out the material to how the pattern was and then adapt it later. I had to bring the arm holes in more because jin's go quite far into his back and I had to make the slight gap in the back of the jacket. I also had to expand out the red on the front of jin's coat ( if that makes sense). Now I'm on to lining the jacket and making all the accessories. Unfortunatly I have ran out of the royal blue material, and the market doesn't currently have it in stock, so I will have to wait to make the sleves, but I can soon move on to the next layer of Jin's costume.

I've ordered the wig from Jenifer wigs on ebay, because even though it wasn't a jin wig, it looks better than the jin wigs you can buy and was better value for monney.

I've got my Materials and my patterns now. I'm using two patern from simplicity (since they are half price currently) Ones a coat pattern which looks a lot likes Jin's and the other is a cape/ star wars pattern for Jin's undershirt.

I haven't had time yet to start cutting it out yet, but I will be starting soon.

I have found a wig on the net that looks like ti should be good for Jin, and it's a lot cheaper than the original one I found which was about £40 ( and it's better quality from a seller I can trust because i have used them before.)

Once I have got so much underway I need to start thinking of how to make Yukinessa and practice my crazy face.

my Gamma wig arrived this morning. I'm really happy with how it looks. It's not the lenght of Gamma's hair. i couldn't find nor afford one that long, but It does look like gammas hair. It has a lot of volume to it as you can probably see in the picture, but It looks pretty good. Unfortunatly this pic is a bit shoddy due to my camera being on it's death bed. I'm really glad with how this costuem is coming along. I still need to finish some bits to the coat and find the leather jacket, but hopefully it will all be done in time for this year.

Finalyl i got the coat sewn up. I have had a lot of trouble with this coat. At first I had sewn the wrong part to the back and I hadn't noticed until it was too late, so I had to unsew the coat and re attach the correct bit to the back. Then I had the trouble of lining the yoke up properly. It kept going wonky. Everytime I looked at it it looked fine, so I sewed it on. Then once it was on I kept on niticing it had slipped down on one side, so I had to re sew it quite a few times. I then had trouble with the front pieces of the coat and attaching the collor. I still have to fix the collor on properly and get rid of the extra lining material tha i attached accidentily, but Finally the coat is starting to look like it should, after 2 weeks of annoyance. On reflection, i probably shouldn't have chosen a trench coat to be the first thing i ever sewed from scratch, butit's been a learning curve. I think I will use a different pattern in future, one that is less compicated.
Now my main problem is figuring out how to attach the butterfly without metling the material. It's not plastic, but it does feel like it might melt if I Iron a butterfly on to it. I am not completly satisfied with the coat, but I can always finish it once have done some of my other costumes, adn my Uni work. This coat has taken up far too much of my time.

I finally got around to cutting out the pattern this week. I'm using a matrix coat pattern from simplicity because it is a good match for gamma's coat. It's taking a lot longer than I had first anticipated because I hadn't taken into account lining the coat too. I still have to cut out the front of the coat and the sleves, and I still have to run it through the sewing machine. but from the looks of things I should get it finished in time for Ame. As soon as the coat is done I'm gonna order the wig. I'm still not sure which wig to buy. there is a gamma wig on the net, but it is way out of my price range.

So far I have got the skirt and Kay's Yagesteru badge. I still need to find a way to attatch it to the scarf when I finally make it. next things to do is get the pink material and scarf material. my friend has given me her hair extention to use for the costume too, so I already have the hair sorted. I have bought the material for the key, but not made it yet.

I can finally put this up since my friend has now got to the true ending. I have wanted to do this costuem since i first saw it, so I spent ages lookign in F1 shops for a shirt i could use, but none were in the right pattern. Eventully i just bought a cheep shirt that had the right style collor and painted it with fabric paints. The cap i bought from and f1 shop. I just needed to cover over the logo with the Moel gas station logo.

I really love this costume, but I was in such a rush last year to get it done for the masqurade that I made a botch job. The waistcoast material did not match round the front and back, the material for the skirt part was fraying and cut dodgy, the waist coast did not have the collars on like Akiras, The original shirt was too short, the trousers are too long, and the wig did not work quite right. Basicly I decided that if I wanted to do this costume, I should start from the begining again. I bought a new waist coat, this time the material was the same on the back and front, adn it also had collars on. i bought new material for the skirt that matched up better to the costume and decided to sew it on and then cut the excess after, making sure to fold over the edges so that it didn't fray.

The waist coat had tiny sleves on it , so I had to un pick then and then sew up the waist coat to the lining again. I bought a new shirt which is longer.

Now I just need to add the cross to the shirt, take the trousers up a bit so they actually look like 3 quarter length trousers and making my new blades. I even ordered a new wig so that I can actualy get the hair more accurate. and all this in just two days. I am much happier with the remake of the costume. I just have to finish it up and then it will be done. strangly enough it cost roughly the same ammount of money, probably about £5 more.

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