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In the spirit of pokemonGo... I decided to finish everything off officially for Ash~
With Amecon just round the corner I thought this would be a great chill cosplay for one of the nights.

Started to get the pattern made and cut today. Fabric is currently pinned into place atm!

Worked a lot on the jacket today. Attached the sleeves, made leather lapels & shoulder flaps.
Just buttons to hand see & make the hood up~

Week before Kita I finally start Arno;;;;
I had less fabric that I though which delayed me starting lucky it came today.
Sleeves, hood, shoulder flaps are still to be done.

Attached the P. This cosplay is pretty much done!
Just a few touches on the wig to do and that's finally finished too!

Kita coming fast and only had a few spare mornings to get some work done;;;;

I have more glue on my fingers after making the first two top felt spikes for the wig base. Currently pinned down.

Wefts are out.
Making base shapes for Phoenix using stuff felt.
Soon to be glued in to place and many casualties of fingers, weft strands and glue again;;;

It's still far from Perfect but as long as it holds up for Friday at Kitacon that is all I care about! so I can mend it better if any issues occur.

major slow progress because work gets in the way. I had started the main coat a few weeks back but finally got shoulder lapels and sleeves nearly complete and winging out the white stripes from the white material (because the darn bias tape is a lot brighter than the white i'm using)

It looked completely reasonable on the wig head... Then I forgot midway "Shit the hat...and side spikes..." so had to scrap what I had and restyle while wearing it & the hat.
I think I've hacked enough off to be happy enough with the length now just to Get the Terran style and I'll be happy |:

Wig from arda arrived yesterday! So I started cutting & teasing it slightly to see how it is. It's gonna take a load of teasing this weekend to get the star head look. But I love this wig already takes to its styl.

I still don't know if I wanna be THAT canon and actually had the rip at the front of this hat. ;___;

Started freehand painting the logo on still I the rough stages at the scale I'm working on >__<
And drying between layers just have to read the Y again.

I completed the hood today!
only the leather vest pattern to draft/cut/complete
belts, red sash... arm braces...no panic... expos only three days away for me ;-;

I've never done a facial hair cosplay and Edward is probably the manliest cosplay I've had to date. So this was a rough tester after a very long late shift at work...which seems to be working... The make up was done simply with eyeshadow and a stubble sponge.

I had drafted and cutted more like winged my own pattern for the pirate vest a few weeks ago, the base was sewed back then. I spent this weekend adding the white lapels, skirt flaps & collar.

the cape arrived awhile ago but it's totally awesome and massive

The Birthday present of the Jacket arrived today! Although it's been forever since I ordered costumes from Ebay, I'm not disappointed! this is pretty well made compared to what I remember how bad some stuff was in 2007.

Bit of a surprised on the wig arriving today of all days. Quickly chopped the front layers and some of the sides to try and get a feel for the wig. I thought it was rather dark compared to what I thought I was getting. But It seems to look fine.

All done on this side... only Gloves to make and get fabric for the crown/headband thingy.

yeah.. not much on the essential update but still just as important.

Completeo just need to take the trousers up a little and tame the beast of wig and everything will be 100%

Pretty much done in the bloomer factory. Ran outta material for the hood though so waiting for my next batch to arrive along with tshirt!. Glasses, tights & shoes are all here. so just the crown headpiece to worry over.

Ayacon's approaching fast D: I need to get a move on. on the plus side I decided to make Trousers! (that are to big and need taken in so much still!)

I’m gutted I can’t find my damn hat…. but yeah shitty Apple Jack for one Ayacon party is completish… minus patches I still need.

Finally cut and styled it... sort of... it needs more styling... but theres enough time for that...just the staffff and still to add ties and frost to the cape.

This thing might need a good chopping in to since the layers seem to long on top & the back and sides but other wise I'm happy.

Working away on the cape~ Only ties to add with frost detail to go! Take in the shirt, add bias and cut trousers along with finishing the staff!

It's suppose to be medium but this thing is super long and really big so I think I'll need to take it in along with the sleeves .

Did the masking tape last night it seems to look fine so far and surprised it didn't take that long~
On to painting & sealing soon~

I spent two hours in the DIY store hunting out resources today...coming back with PVC goodness.. I forgot how awkward it is to cut through ahah..but I need the staff to be collapsible for travel. after attacking with the heat gun to fold over in places I hacked it in to three pieces & glued 2X tube connectors on hoping it will dry fast if not I'll work over the weekend evenings doing the masking tape thing. Hoping four large rolls is enough~
I've also ordered brown suede fabric for the cape on-line & the shirt too.
Just trousers and bias tape to get.

So I've remade the hood from fleece perfect for May if it turns out to be hot like last year i will melt it's so thick but at least I have working horn flaps this time!

So I've pulled the tape free minus a few glitches that's easily fixed I'm happy with the progress.

So I scrapped making the suit from scratch & now painting layers of fabric paint to this suit that's has a top synthetic - rubber layer so makes it easy for painting! I pray nothing will get past the tape I've done three- four coats so far but will continue this all week until I'm happy I can't see any more black.

I've broke the horns off since packing & travelling will likely so the job so decided drilling holes & screwing the horns will be the save way to & just need to touch up parts of the yellow and horns while making a one new horn as one old horn won't accept its fate of being screwed on.

Going with the basic intro outfit for expo~

I still need to restyle the wig since I think the previous glue is weighing it down so I'll need to give it a bath soon & start from scratch.

My contacts also arrived from honeycolor extremely quick under a week!

Tester with the rest of the cosplay~

Cut and styled.
I love the thickness & colour of this wig (You can’t see it here but there’s a grey gradient on the front) *___*

stupid photo time with stand alone Prussia wig until my new wig arrives.

I really wanted to get an embroidery badge done but I went down Iron Transfer route.... It's okay..for now. Since I hate using these for shirts since they lack a long life span after cons/expos.

Skateboard which was originally Teal has been coated about 50 times like the helmet with acrylic yellow, I'm hoping a few more coats should do the trick so I can add the black detail and seal the board.

Fabric arrived a few days ago and decided to go to work on this. 55454656555478 godtier tutorials later... this happened. but Holes was a thing I forgot for the horns, the lining wont budge to fit over them so I'll keep the hood down and might make a fleece version at a later point perhaps too for them to fit in to!

After a year I've finally made a new set from light sculpey clay that weights so much better but this new wig is super thick and curlyish so was a pain to cut and style.. I think It'll suit Kankri and the Signless cosplays more than Karkat.

The horns are completed. Wig still needs to be tamed and cut slightly & both my Doom shit and extremely baggy jogger bottoms arrived.

I've added the seams around the horns but I'll need to do another round of paint still to neaten things up and likely another few coats to the helmets base before sealing it all.

Is instantly a fave because it's styled it's self from taken my helmet off. Bonus.
I chopped the front slightly I might take another inch or so off and maybe take some of the back up too.

I've attached the horns (Not permanently atm)the current placement looked fine until I tried the helmet on; but they look to far back but it was more for balance so they don't fall off once I 'secure' them in place. The helmet was already heavy enough on it's own;;

agh I totally forgot about ever adding wip of Sollux.
The horns are complete...but with the wig being in it's bad for a while I had remove them for storage purposes ^^;

so half makeup test shot with scarecrow double fangs & fabric painted Sollux shirt.

The paint job on this thing is going to take a few layers to hide the black shell.

I started to give it an undercoat of acrylic paint first.
Even though I'm spray painting it. This might ease the black off and make it easier for spraying...and stick better?

came in this hideous Justin Beiber colour....I am waiting on my new one to arrive...but concerned it hasn't arrived yet? I bought it a few weeks ago too.

And I've never really up dated progress shots either on here oops.

but left to do:

-shorten & hem sleeves on waist coat & Jumper top.
-add belt straps to waist coat.

Ahhh I haven't touched this since Spring/ I was planning this for Oct expo 2012...but it'll need to be pushed back in to 2013 ;___; I might get the suit finished at some point at the other bits & bobs.

I have everything nearly...I just have to sew my belt thing & wait for my Godtier Tee at the end of this month :D. I look stupid.

So I started the banana-tier. Z:

It's quite the awkward hood since it's stuffed & lined with more fleece & the wig doesn't appreciate being tangled up inside it.

*See Photos*

I can finally put this in the finished list. Whelp two years later...

I only have boot covers to do...but I'll see how that goes..I've never attempted that yet .____.

I'm still waiting on the skull badge to dry & attach both that plus the horns to the hat >_<
I did however cut up the shirt, add the gold trim to the collar & hat today!

and still can't handle my gremlin dentures xD;

I had some issue getting these horns to stay put.

That coat is done and dusted. Although I'm tempted to take it in a little more on one side but other than the small details of buttons, gold trim & gaffer tape. This thing is done.

I've finally made a start & only have the top half of the coat done. Which is better than nothing I guess? Unfortatnyl I get to use my lovely skills of winging this patterns base to fit the design of Karkat's coats tail curve

Boots have arrived. I'm contemplating if I'll slit the front open and add the extra black flap parts yet or not.
Also the fabric arrived today so I'm hoping to have my coat bast at least started this weekend (maybe finished?)

For being Tin foil & Fimo these things just won't defeat gravity and stay put.
I'll fix that with Mr Hotglue gun like I've done with my Karkat horns.

So I've bought the following plus perfect boots (not pictured)
Magnetic Tragus Cone studs
Skull Buttons.

I've also started making the Skull Badge for the hat last night out of fimo~

white felt arrived along with the Gloves! So The hat's basically complete..minus horn attachments but I'll worry about that later.

My freezer paper & textile spray paint arrived the same day so impatiently that evening I went to work on this thing. The bad news is being spray and apparently it's not for clothing? but can be used on fabric (Go fig) started to crack on some parts after it was folded away. But it seems to be the typical type of paint to do that. I think in future I might try brush/sponge and normal fabric paint!

I've chopped away at the hair to make some bangs which are proven annoyance to staying put even with all that hair glue.

I finished the hat off following a beanie hat tutorial. Pretty simple stuff for an hours work. Unfortantly I need to get white felt to make the eyes/nose & get horns made to work out fittings to the hat.

I know I bought, cut & styled that wig I just haven't touched it...for like months? I'll need to find it & most likely mend it. Getting DMWL plans in to action I've decided to buy a boiler suit as the base, instead of trying/failing to make one from scratch, after saying I wasn't planning on making much new things for Amecon... things changed fast.

well minus my shoulder pads which are drying off from being tacked on stray edges.... this cosplay is done after it's lacey helllll. There is a zillion things I REALLY want to sort & remake but I lack material and precious time off to do it before expo. Maybe for amecon.

My shirt arrived earlier this week~ This will be the comfort cosplay for sure. ahhh I'm not sure about wearing the damn hood up tbh but I'll see on the day.

This is going to be a hot/itchy cosplay for sure now ;___;

Oh and the hood to go with the cape has already been sliced & diced for the horns.
It fits better on me than it does this wig head really.

Now I just have to wait for base shirt, the knight of blood tshirt and trousers to arrive then I'll be done.

Ironically I wasn't planning on making this until the end of summer but after spotting the best type of fabric while out hunting for wild cosplay materials. I came across the perfect brown fabric *I haven't a clue what it's called* but it's heavyish and doesn't need lined thankfully :D. It was onsale for cheap so why not?

Since I've been working on other cosplays & the bag of fabric was staring at me...I ended up drafting out the pattern and having the cape already pinned out ready to be sewed up.

So prosit progress is 65% done! Just need to: -Collar to make -sew stripe to trousers -attach shoulder pads But I’ve ran out of trimmings so time to bling up the crown~

I tried to get as far as possible today 8D;; I only have two weekends left to get everything finished eep!
So vest: my wing pattern ended up with odd massive collar leaving me to slice part of the front and right down the back to make it fit since I don't have any spare fabric to restart D: It's okayish? I hope once the collars attached it'll work fine. Everything's hemmed, sleeves attached with added cuffs, buttons and so far one arm of cord piping. Oh and shoulder pads are set to go. I think I'm in need of more trimmings now though xD;;
Crown also gained a golden tan & varnished. So tomorrow I hope I can start blinging that up along with most of the tunic.

It's not going awesome because yet again I have to experiment with trial and error on this. Since I'm winging this from an old pattern & thinking measurements was fine. it's ended up MASSIVE..well mainly the collar area. I can't take it in at the sides without killing the bodice design things..sooo I think I can sacrifice the back a little and see (AND PRAY) that this does the trick!.
I'm waiting on the prospit pattern fabric to arrive before i can even touch the stick-up collar really and the same goes for the sleeves cuffs. D:

It's the best it's getting atm for Kitacon. I think when it comes Amecon and when I'm not between con/expo times I'll jazz this thing up properly with buttons and stuff. Since it's appearance is rather..boring and empty.

It's done..it's crappy but it's done with what short time I've got between everything to do.
I've pretty much finished the coat...to the best it's getting before Kitacon.
If I can ever get regimental wool I would love to tackle this all over again really.|:

I've been thinking up ways of starting on this. I hope I can get the material close enough to the ref shades...but I'm sceptical about my local fabric stores |:

Shortened the points down a fair bit on the base along with a second coat of mod podge. 20 mins drying time? It's still drying after 5 hours x.x;;

Starting with the foam base shape and sealing it to death with mod podge..sparkly mod podge at that. I'm waiting for the first coat to set.
Ahhh I think I might need to trim the spikes down since they look a bit big compared to what I was seeing late last nigh x.x;

Hopefully once it's all set and looking right I can spray paint it gold, seal again and then bling it up with gems :]

*pics coming soon*

So I've made a start. Then I thought they were all to big and with what clay I had left over. I made the smaller horns. Now I can't tell which I want to use.

This will take a week to dry now |:

because my crappy transfer is peeling off and it's yeah..pretty crappy...so this WILL DO for life.

I hate to say I have to go spend more money on more gold ribbon apparently 2 metres of large/medium wasn't enough. urghh I've had to think around this stupid -winging- design idea for this coat. Since I'm trying to follow what the art has for a design but work it in to this rev coat pattern. x.x

Oh this is all I’ve done so far….I hate glue….I hate gold trimming shit…

Changing the wig to this one because it floofs up more than the other one ^^

I think if I plan on cosplaying Tai in future a new wig is needed. This one has lived in it's bag for two years..and yeah it's not the same. xD;;

Hakama leg wrapping solved.
Old leggings mauled and turned in to this. I just need to learn to neaten the hakama up so it's not so bumpy on the day xD;

Hemmed the coat to hell and found hakama and shinigami robes soo just wig, collar and shinguards to sort out.

I have the base all complete!
It's just a case of a million buttons and adding the details. Which I'm yet to purchase!

I'm recycling the shoulder plates & lapel buttons from my old coat.
Finished adding the white bias tape and I only have to take it in slightly at the sides and add the lapel white squares.
The collar's base is made & currently drying since I'm painting the white edges on this time instead of bias tape.
Only the shin guards to make after this and Suzu's complete.

I'm surprised after two days and only spending a few hours at a time on it on how far I've got.

I'm still scared of these bloody t-shirt transfers! x.x
I just need my shirt which will be a few days yet before I buy it though so Jake's pretty much complete.

I'm contemplating Guns/holsters though.

Just testing the horns out and possible suit-tier for the ball.

This being the wig I was chopping for Karkat at the time then before I know it. Jake |:

Finally slapped some colour on to this and pretty much...only need the red waist coat... and grey tie...and I'm good to go!

Just winging some sort of structure in to plan for this ballstuck thing.

make up progress.. I'm unsure if i should believe it's light grey. I look like smurf.

So I have the shirt going on.
I need to hem the jeans cause I'm such a short ass...
I just grabbed the closes short black wig to hand for this so pretty much still hunting out Karkat wigs and going to kill the horns & remake the, to fit under the wig.

Frustrating printer war. I don't like using T-shirt transfers after the Tai digimon Stars disaster but this... turned out okay.. |:

I've gave in a started this to see if I get the cosplay out way quickly for Kitacon.
I might blend the paint in a bit more, it's looking rather stripy. I've also bought Grey trousers but being men's and freaking massive on me, I'll need to gain some Trouser tweaking knowledge. |:

I really wanted to get started by Christmas on this... I have the pattern, I'm scared of it ^___^; Only thing I lack is the ideal fabric because fabric stores in my city suck for having things in stock or getting here on time. I'm debating the use of "Regimental Coat wool" like the pattern recommends..I think I'll opt for the cheaper option & also plan on tweak Denmark's original design slightly to fit the pattern because I'm scared of messing up trying to tweak this pattern at all.

Hedwig arrived all the way from Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida US of A! :D hes so flaffffyy, makes noises and his head moves.

So I'm remaking Suzu's coat for London Expo after two years I finally get to cosplay him again. I made the entire coat base yesterday so just minor details to go.

well at last. I've got around to finishing the little things off. I just pray my gloves get here on time before Ayacon ;^;

I'm debating if I'll do little circles around the eyes.
Designs seem to vary S:

yellow hoody arrived last week. So starting to modify the design to it

-Navy Hoody top.
-Elf ears.

arrive quickly too & gloves are complete!

My gloves base arrived today and tried to make the light green cuff from some felt and pinned together after chopping some fingers off the glove C:

It's completed all now. Well I think I might buy some new trousers before Kita but it's done and dusted. Since I don't have any yellow stuff, I do have some ribbon left over from when I made my vocaloid uniform for Rin last year. So some sort of bow or soemthing will happen.

This was last minute being decided for the ball. I have everything for it, but wanting to get new trousers & it's pretty much done. |:
I found use for that off colour shirt I ordered for my actual Denmark Military uniform. C:

I really do..but it has to be done.|:

So.. It's promising now, I found the best possible thing I could get for Green straps T___T;;
Even if it has a weird thin black stripe effect. It'll work. I'll just keep telling myself this. I have pretty much all the bits and bobs, down fall is I couldn't find metal buckles, there black, so I'll paint them silver!

Construction of this will be intersting. D:

Some fail shot on make up and wig tester.

This won't be the goggles or Wig I'll use.
Just roughy restyled my Ulquiorra wig and used Tais goggles and contacts for this.

So.. my hat and scarf has arrived. C:
Searching how I'll do the harness.. It's proven rather tough findingin anything close to it and without costing a bomb so I might look in to making it.

this was finished ages ago.. just nevergot around to taken pics of it.
the red kimono is ripped and beaten for extra battle effect. Just need to throw blood on it and it'll be complete C:

I ditched the sweater vest and went for this nifty jumper I seen for a bargin price. So thats currently in the progress of having paint thrown on to it for stripes & the blazer is just needing its patch.

So I got some red jeans..and in the process of waiting for the red shirt to arrive too ^^~ just means its the coat I have to make soon.

So I chilax now. The hard parts are over with.
Three times in 45 mins it's taken me to just add elastic to the left side of the hakama. Yet the right was done with no trouble. I hate doing Elastic because it hates me. |:
Inuyasha is 75% done I would say.

-attach ears/ style around wig.
-Throw fake blood on under kimono
-Buy Purple eyeliner for the demon marks.

and I'm sorted.

So I have pretty much all the main elements for this.
I just need some of smaller things like shoes, browne belt sew buttons on to the jacket and glengarry badge.

So contacts arrived really fast
They don't seem to be as detailed as I was expeting them to be =/

My Fangs arrived from scarecrow this week! There awesome but trying to adapt to them is hard to move xD;

It's going to take some trials to get use to it ^^! I'll try and get some progress pics soonish!

Like this so much better...but it's being much of a pest to stay styled.

So army stuff arrived. Just browne belt, tie, boots & maybe new wig >_>;

...one whole sleeve has now got ribbon...thats some major progress right there.
.Still waiting for wig.
I'm planning on leaving fangs and blood purchasing until January since I'm off uni for a month. It'll give me some time to play about with everything and hopefully be finished soon! ^___^

So... I wasn't happy with that first wig I bought.
It was more of the colour really...the style was fine and manageable...but being florescent red doesn't appeal much for this cosplay! So discovered this more natural colour and styles pretty much awesome for it too.

Before Christmas... I just have to keep buying things BEFORE Christmas T___T;;;;
I have issues.
But...I seen the most perfect wig I think is going to work and just had to snap it up while it was going cheap ^o^!
It's long by 28 inches! So I'm sure there is enough to work out for my ear idea!

First Idea: Use wig hair for a more natural/blended look attached to flesh coloured foam and sewing in to the wefts of the wig.

if that fails... I'll try the whole fake fur and clip idea which is only a back up plan

Well thought I ought to add this here too...
Wig minor progress. I don't know if I overly like it. the colour reminds me more of Draco Malfoy..for some reason the crummy webcams made it darker o____e *wish it was that blonde*

In the progress of Ebay-bid war for a sweater vest for Gakuen~

Huurr I don't know if I'm overly happy with wig I've got for England.
May ditch it & get a new one thats not so light and use this one for TK (digimon second season)

Sooo I've bought my hat.
I'll get some shots of it later.
Debating if I'm going to use my original TK wig or might change it.

I've started work on the under kimono.
It was pure white & I was trying to work out ways to make it dirty without really having to roll it outside in the mud. I was thinking along the old school Art Attack method of coffee... but I didn't want to be going around sticking like Caffeine as I hate it |: but to the Internets it was and discovered tea does something the same.
The pictures don't really show much of a colour difference, but there is! Now I just have to get some blood & debating if I'll maybe shred this under shirt slightly like Inu's be roughened up.

Sooo... it's already pretty much complete.
Since I have everything. xD; *lazy* so Pikachu Kigurumi that I already have can work. I want to try and bug my Len in to doing this at some point for photos. Although she has her eye set on getting Piplup. orz

I added the little extras and started to paint on the writing & tidy that up ==;;; aswell as finish making the belt.

Ah some more progress I've been killing time today with instead of doing uni work. :B
I painted and sealed the yellowness. Just pray and hope it doesn't crack off or rain on Saturday.

I sorted the ribbon tie out today with some extra material for it's ties then made the crest thingy on the collar along with drawing on the treble clef symbol.

Okay I have just under a month worth of weekends to attempt and make this entire cosplay =|

Soo I'll see how making this goes. I've ordered my wig today. Spotted the perfect Pattern to buy & will come in use later for making England/Prussia's military uniforms too! May even get one of those fake joke cigarettes like Scotty's mostly drawn with~ ;____;
Least getting a St Andrews flag will be easy.

Haiii Gakuen pants arrived today along with my iron cross necklace <33
I bought the shirt,t-shirt and hoody yesterday it's so comfy. e_e although the pants look rather dark with green, thats okay though right??! D:
It's a casual cosplay nothing over serious about it so I'm happy with everything like my lil Gilbird seems to be.

My camera broke at the week so had to result in using this ancient beast for photos e_e# expect full costume pics soonish!

Since I already have the wig & Contacts in progress....
Just have to snap up the rest of this outfit really and Gakuen Prussia are go! 8D!
I'm really leaning more to Prussia now for Friday's London Oct Expo <333 cause awesomeness is calling. But I'm still taken Punk!England for later on.

Major change in plans for this. I've put Tai on hold so won't be doing it for Friday, Oct's MCM London expo sadly. Thought I've only got some things to complete which shouldn't take a great deal of time. I can't say when I'll be doing this cosplay.

List of things to do:
+ Add yellow buttons
+ yellow detail to Shirt.
+ Hem Sleeves.
+ Make trainers
+ Complete wig.

The awesome chick of awesomeness arrived today <333!
He's a robot Japanese chicken that chirps and flaps his wings (well mini move slightly) I haven't gotta clue how to shut him up though so chirps uncontrollably for attention, from what I gather it's something like a furby...since I can't read Japanese instructions I'm just gonna keep it's battery plastic blocker to switch him off at times or he'll drive me awesomely around the bend.

Made a start on the wig today~
Originally my Len wig which I fought with to be Denmark. It had plenty of layers going on and is really thick, so sweeping it over and styling it on the one side was simple enough.

Ah quickly managed to make the wrap around part too~
Followed with a better shot of the bow this time!

Made a start on the bow with my own pattern of fails but it appears to have turned out fine. Just got to add the little wrap around knot and extra ties to attach to the collar.==;;;;

I've completed it's form but have to add something inside to stiffen it up and figure out how to make it stay on. ==

Everything was pretty much complete over a ...rather slow bases since I wasn't in a rush to get this done for any con or expo.

Leg warmers main body are nearly done too~
Still need to find some sort of pleather material for the extra detail and buy neon green glow tape.

Debating to trying to embroider some writing. I might give it ago on some scrap material since I'll screw it up so easily. ;___;

I might remake my bone hat considering its damage from traveling to & from London Last May.

Made a little more progress on one arm warmer. hemmed it and added elastic & yellow ribbon to the edges and attached it all up. Fits snuggely and does its job. it flaps. C8

The wig.. it's a punky style wig I bought for it's helpful skills of already defying gravity. It needed a good hair cut from the base.

I've tried and failed with many different star results.
#1)Stars with iron on web ==; (long before I got my sewing machine last)
#2)Tshirt transfer prints suck C:
#3)Fabric failed with Freying edges.
#4)Felt stars XD

Ripped the fabric stars off as they looked rather shabby ==;;
sooo tempting on putting transfer stars and saves the tricky sewing of stars.

Minus hemming on the shirt I'm nearly done >D
Trust thread to run out when I just finished the pocket oo and resorted back to my second attempt after following some PJ type pattern the third shirt was just weird ==;;; so trusted my own winged pattern I made for the second shirt.

It's pretty much an old cosplay from 2008 but tends to remain one of my faves.

Fused two wigs together to give it more "Hitsu" form >>

I'm only in need of boots, suspenders and socks and Ciel will be complete! :D

I found perfect material of stripes for the shirt :DDD
I created a "dummy shirt" in the same design from scrap material with a heavy modified pattern~ so will try making the shirt soon and shorts!

Eye patch came. It's a lavvi one from ebay but shhh it's now for Ciel

Wig arrived~
Cut and styled a majority of it.
Still have to fix up the back too.

Both are nearly finito along with intoxicating the living room with varnish spray.
Hopefully have pics up soon once minor details added.

Hoping to buy two wigs soon along with other material to start the hair for Goku and maybe a few extra cans of hairglue spray & cheap hair spray.^^"
Sadly I won't get much time to work on it all in one go over the next 12 weeks cause of uni work. So will try and spare sometime every so often to get it done.

Might add planned sketches for the wig later on.

Nyaaa This is quite an easy cosplay to make....although the fabric colour was a pain finding it for the shirt! andandand... I can't make that stupid collar split rightttt... I'll get it though second time round on the new shirt I hope;; 8D

Sewing Machine so hates me for life noww;; more progress of new shirt coming soonnn!

Don't know. New crest to make or is this one gonna do?? >>;;

Moving things from the main gallery to here.!

After the long battle with sewing machines and funky foam I got my first full cosplay costume made. I got some help from my aunt who seamed the black lining inside the coat luckily since the machine started to hate me after a few days. Also had some major help on getting the hakama specially ironing the damned thing.

The "bone helmet" was made entirely from funky foam cut and molded in to various parts, since they were only A6 size I kind had to work around some issues of shapes on the top. I gave it a coat of flexible glue and PVA glue so it could be spray painted then varnished afterwords. It's attachable by using a thin black hairband that is easily hidden by the wig and not noticeable unless really close.

The obi belt from purchased of ebay since I'm lazy like that >>; and as for the boots they were just some old things I had that were modified and had the lines painted on to them.

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