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The first time I ever experienced cosplay was in 2005 when attending the London MCM Expo and I thought it looked like fun. Of course, I never realised just how much work it was until I attempted it myself! From then onwards I have been to events all over the country.

My aim in cosplay is to keep aiming above your perceived skill level. I had no idea I could sew AT ALL until recently. I didn't know what wonderflex even was a few short months ago! Just keep trying to push yourself further, it's part of the fun of cosplay!

My proudest moment was winning the Best Male at the Naruto DVD Launch in London which was run by Manga Entertainment. I had Kakashi's voice actor telling me how great my costume was and asking randomly during the event if I would pose with him even before I won!

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Did a makeup test. Still need to work on the wig but quite proud of the blue facial hair!

"Kristoff tunic complete except for the large stitching along the seams. The colour still doesn't quite display right from my phone's camera unfortunately. The sash is just a stand-in till the proper sash fabric arrives."

Made by the amazing and it only took A DAY!

Made by the awesome

Tunic started. Colour not accurate due to flash effects. Already it's looking amazing!

Ok, so I've had a few wigs come that were just...COMPLETELY wrong. It seems getting a turquoise shaded wig can be pretty it would have to match the beard.

My solution was to get a light blue wig and to then Sharpie-dye it the right colour.

A few people have asked for a tutorial so once all of the dying materials arrive, I'll be doing this ^_^

Ok so no way was I getting a beard that matches this colour so I've started with a white, human-hair beard with some added bits of hair glued onto the netting and now I am colouring it with Sharpie to give it the turquoise colour of Sully's fur.

This is only the first coat. Another to come soon.

And this wasn't stuck down, just balanced on my face LMAO

Made from Worbla with resin-cast gems made by

Just modified a hidden blade so it extends without pushing the button. Fun times!

Made by Monkey! I seriously can't wait to wear this!

Painted by Monkey! She's doing an amazing job!

This is a commission by Monkey and she's doing amazing work already!

Ganondorf's swords! I didn't make these AT ALL LOL Made by In Your Dreams FX.

These are fully LARP-safe swords made from foam and latex. All I've done is a bit of edging work on the ribbons as they were rushed (my fault as it was a late order!) and will be replaced at a later date! ^_^


Didn't make the main costume, it was commissioned but I did have to improve a lot of the detailing on it (as is almost ALWAYS the case with overseas commissions!)

Really happy with it though!

Didn't make the main costume, it was commissioned but I did have to improve a lot of the detailing on it (as is almost ALWAYS the case with overseas commissions!)

Really happy with it though!

This one is also made from three layers of milliput, an epoxy resin I have NEVER used before LOL

It was a bit scary as was starting to go tacky/solidifying as I was finishing but it got done! I've also built a chain into it so I'm hoping it's strong enough to withstand that!

Ok, this is made from three layers of milliput, an epoxy resin I have NEVER used before LOL

It was a bit scary as was starting to go tacky/solidifying as I was finishing but it got done! I've also built a chain into it so I'm hoping it's strong enough to withstand that!

With my new fangs being full veneers instead of canine caps which I'm used to, this was a new experience! I heated up the veneers themselves in a cup of water at 60 degrees. Once this was done I placed them one at a time over the gums/teeth so that they curved to my jaw.

After that, I heated some plastic pellets in the same water (reheated) until they turned clear before pressing the plastic into the inside of the veneers and placing on my teeth. I pressed hard and folded the plastic around my teeth so that it formed a sort of retainer. I took them out and let them cool so they formed a hard plastic.

Now I can slip them onto my teeth and they hold in place, moulded perfectly to my teeth and gums!

After the first stage, I allowed the latex to dry. At this point, to make the latex less tacky I brushed over some thin sealant powder and then I used a brush to flick flecks of red paint onto the surface of the prosthetic. After this I covered my skin and the prosthetic with a layer of liquid foundation (though I should have thickened it!) and finally added some powder foundation to remove a horrid sheen I was getting when taking photos prior.

First things first! I put the prosthetic into position and sprinkled some powder over the edges so that when I removed it, I had a powder outline and knew where to put it when I stuck it down. Then I applied a thin layer of prostik (OMG SO MUCH BETTER THAN SPIRIT GUM!) to the inside of the prosthetic using a wedge sponge and did the same with my face.

When the adhesive had begun to go clear (it comes white) I applied the prosthetic to my face, starting at the middle and working my way out.

Had some issues with it sticking to my eye and over my nose but it's things I've come to expect really LOL This was a first attempt after all!

I then applied a layer of flesh-coloured latex to the prosthetic and went over the edges onto my skin to begin blending the edges. But I should have used edge-blending stuff first!

The lettering from Leadmill's vest was traced to get the exact scale and the final pieces cut from felt. A small handle was made and padded with wadding to match then fixed at the top at the back.

Carried out by aliasdotcom

Holster ready to be fitted and finished pouches.

The small is to be worn around the front and the larger one is worn at the back of the waist belt.

Carried out by aliasdotcom

Pouches were made from matching tan fabric, backed with card with seam detail and faux fastening. They will attach to the waist belt with belt loops.

Carried out by Aliasdotcom.

Still needs the webbing and laces sewn into place on the sides to fasten the vest and the lettering needs completing on the back. Vest is shown without and with the foam pieces inserted afterwards.

(All carried out by aliasdotcom!)

Pockets were sewn into place on the front panels and strips of matching webbing was added above each one. Pockets fasten with velcro tabs.

Black velcro was used instead of burgundy and sewn onto the overlapping front panels.

Collar was attached with the small tab added at the top and padded out with wadding then the ends were sewn up.

Holster and shoulder strap:
Top is what the holster looked like before. The old straps and shoulder strap were removed, sections of the gun holster cut away and the white stitching darkened.
The top was then extended to match the references using foam covered in matching upholstery fabric with stitch detail added around the edges. This section was attached behind the holster. The original holster strap with press studs was recycled and attached to this extension. The press studs will be painted a matt black to match the others used.
Matching belts were used for the new straps with holes punched all the way along. A section of belt was fixed alongside the holster, which will reach to the waist belt.
The new shoulder strap was foam covered in the same fabric again with stitch detail added and tabs sewn on top so the belt can be looped through them.
Metal swivel hooks at the front and back will link with D rings to connect the straps around the body once adjustments are made.

Carried out by the awesome aliasdotcom!

DONE! Another layer or two then PAINT!

Does it look like a Kakuna to anyone else...?

Ok, so the final shape of the horn (more angular than I'd like...) and I've covered the duct tape with masking tape as I plan on papier macheing it later and I know from experience that papier mache doesn't cling to duct tape.

Ok, so the thing is starting to take shape now. Cut my fingers to ribbons on loose bits of wire...not fun LOL


Ok, so I started work on the horn... the base I was planning to use fell through so got wire mesh and decided to make a shape out of that.

It's so much stronger than I remember!

Still haven't heard back from the fabric place so I took matters into my own hands. Went out and decided instead of Polyester I'd go for an off-white Cotton Drill. Got a bi-stretch variant so it has some give. I'd hate to ruin the coat just because it doesn't move well with me ^_^'

This was meant to be the actual thing, but it was too small, so now it's going to be reference for the FIMO version XD

Ok, so the wristband I saw in Camden and it was PERFECT!

The hip chain is actually made out of a whole bunch of keychain rings, meshed together using the same method as chainmail armour LOL Got the idea from Gaz who got the idea elsewhere. LOVE it as that chain is so...odd O_O

Just a shot of some of the things I have so far!

Sorry for the blurriness!

One of the odd things I've been sorting is the thick, braided rope which Itegami wears to hold his conch horn.

Some work needs done to this, needs another strap etc. And one of the straps needs replacing but I thought this was a good base.

Gods, I've been working on the oddest things lately to get this sorted LOL After the fiasco with the fabric I've gotta send that back and get new stuff so now I'm focussing on things that aren't the coat. Got the scarf sorted now, just need to do a bit more sewing on it ^_^

It's two bought scarves that I've had to modify to suit the length and style but almost done!

Not too sure how these look on me but they've been assembled at least LOL the fabric that I ordered showed up...and it's black ¬_¬

HOW FAR FROM WHITE CAN YOU GET!? The seller's response? "Sometimes it happens." ¬_¬ But they are swapping it thankfully.

GRR! Delayed!

The wig arrived and is pretty nice, needs a little bit of styling and it'll be sorted!

Coat is sorted, it's actually an old coat made for a Lestat costume that never happened in the end, but works for me. It's the same one I use for my newer incarnation of my Steampunk character!

So the wings worked and looked alright.

Then the straps broke...

So I had bloody Duct-Tape straps at Expo...ah well the Mark II wings will be better!

Found the most perfect boots ever! Literally they're perfect, the same patterning on the toe and hell and everything! They are now mine! Image to come later!

Forgot to mention that I also drilled some holes in some blocks of wood and attached the PVC to them with screws.

Right LOL

Once everything was painted, I attached the material to the hooks and hot-glued it in place around one of the joints. It was then testing time!

For the next step it was a case of measuring out where I would need holes to attach the material to and drilling through them. I then attached shower-curtain hooks and hot-glued them in place.

Next step was several coats of plastic primer and several coats of copper paint. (I actually had a few people over the weekend who thought it was real copper piping so I was really pleased with the result ^_^)

Attached the PVC piping and joints together with PVC cement...this failed as I used push-fitting joints so instead...filled the joints with copious amounts of hot-glue and connected them.

I then drilled a small hole through the top of the opening section and threaded braided cable through it, tying it in a knot and crimping in place.

Following that, I added eyelets along the length of the PVC pipe to create a simplistic pully system for them.

In my lovely kitchen (sorry housemates!) I used my dremel tool to cut the PVC piping down to a size I was comfortable working with (was a hacksaw first, it broke...another trip to B&Q...). I then cut the thicker PVC into four smaller pieces to make the joints of the wings.

Using the dremel, I cut slots in the wide PVC piping so that the thin PVC piping could slot into it nicely. Then it was a case of drilling through both and using a nut and bolt to hold it place but also leave it flexible enough to open and close.

Spent a load of money in B&Q buying materials and power tools (but at least the power tools will be useful for later!)

Lots of PVC piping (can't see in this photo) as well as braided cable, drills, screws, nuts, bolts etc.

Pockets on the original green vest are made at an angle and the main part of the pocket is made up of five main sections that fold onto themselves when sewn onto the main front panel. A square of velcro is used to fasten them.

(done by

The vest attaches at the front with a seperate panel that overlaps from right to left fastening two wide strips of velcro. Interfacing was used for this strip of velcro panelling.

(done by

Using an original green vest as a pattern, the front panels were put together, leaving a gap at the bottom of each for the foam padding to be added later.

(all done by

Note: this is the remake version.
Using an original green vest as a pattern, the main back panel was put together, leaving a gap at the bottom for the foam padding to be added later.

(all done by

Had some leftover ribbon so decided to make his necktie. It's not great but it kinda looks the part.

Cape is now done! Just some tidying up to be done! Quite happy with the collar. All of my sewing is sloppy (always is I know...LOL) but I was rushing!

Right, got my fake blood recipe sorted, tried some out and it looks pretty good! Gonna gather most of it together soon and get some photos as it's almost done. Looks like I'll be lacking my fur though which is a shame, but gainineg a few gadgets that I'm looking forward to playing with!

Disliked the look of the helmet on it's own. Have now added a balaclava and will be blacking out around my eyes as well!

Finally...LOL They're held in place with industrial strength velcro and hold hard (they're difficult to remove actually! LMAO) but that means that they'll stay stuck on!

It also means I can detach them for transport ^_^ Which is awesome!

Finished the miniture wings/Harness for Charizard! They look a bit tiny, but wait until you see them with the big wings attached...

Made a central piece that will not only be miniture wings for places like the dealer's room, but also mean that I can attach and detach my large, main wings.

Day 1 of painting, first coat done and quite liking the effect. Tried to mist in the black and red sprays in order to get a darker shade of red and I think it worked well.

Started the painting process for the wings. Thus far, primer is done (several layers on each side...took forever!)

After deciding that some strengthening and some weather-proofing might be beneficial before painting. As such, the pair of wings were coated in two layers of clear wood varnish on both sides.

Once this was done (with plenty of drying time between each layer) and they were fully dry I began with the bone structure. The idea for this was taken from FireyCharizard's amazing pair of Charizard wings. Basically, piping insulation was cut open and attached to the outside of the wings, with one piece of insulation cut in half and placed down the middle to look like a joint bone.

Next step: Painting the wings!

Alright, I've managed to saw my way through double-corrugated cardboard which I'm using as a base for my Charizard wings. I was originally planning on using foamboard but lack the funds to get any at the moment so we'll see how this goes!

First wing's to add the bones, paint then attach to the harness!

Ok, started styling the wig. It's currently hanging upside down being hairsprayed and back-combed into submission LOL I pinned the bangs down as I want to keep those still and have started styling! This could be a long process LOL

Shirt and trousers sorted! Goggles on the way, boots on the way, wig on the way. Dunno what I'm doing about his jacket and the spear is underway soon ^_^ Coming along fast and it makes me happy!

I've never had a costume suggested by others before...and when it was, I quite liked it LOL

At any rate, the same day I agreed, I bought the shirt and trousers without a problem. I've got the dowel left over to start the spear so this should in theory work quite well. We'll see how that goes LMAO

Ok, I finish my pauldrons, I get them to attach to my jumper, my contact lenses come and I think "Awesome! Just need a wig and I can sort wings later! This is looking great!"

Then my Buster Sword miraculously started peeling ¬_¬ I don't know what happened, because it has been rained on and it's been perfectly fine because it was varnished to hell and back...but suddenly the papier mache just decides it doesn't want to work anymore.

Ok, fine. But that means I'm now redoing the Buster Sword >_<

Ok, had some major cockups but now it's sorted! The hilt-guard was lop-sided so I cut one part off and reattached other parts and re-wrapped it. It was coated in PVA Glue to give it strength and then it was painted.

Now, it is finished LOL FINALLY!

Made from;

Wooden Dowel, Cardboard, Duct Tape, Masking Tape, Craft Foam, Paint, PVA Glue.

Ok, made my first pauldron out of Modroc last night. Failed pretty badly but it was mostly to see if it was possible to do it and it worked pretty well. I will remake them over the weekend if my new modroc comes in time but I really liked it.

The shape was wrong, the lip was too curved and they weren't long enough but...that can all be remedied!

Yay for modroc!

Added Snap-Fastenings ^_^' That was fun with my hammer LOL *pound* there's a hole! *switch tools. Pound* Ooh, stud is in! *switch tools. Pound* And there's the button...and they click into place and stay! HAPPY SEAN!

So yeah, that's sorted. All that needs done now is stronger, larger pauldrons and wings!

Ok, basically, I started working on my harness straps a couple of days ago while I was off work sick. Did that for a couple of hours. Today, I decided to go full pelt and finish the damn harness off...

Ok, so today and yesterday I;
Sewed my Harness straps together,
Made a pattern for the waist-cinching belt,
Sorted out the patterning for the SOLDIER symbol,
Pinned and sewed the Belt, hot-glued the SOLIDER symbol on (sewed it last time, but I want this done and am feeling ill so couldn't be bothered this time!),
Sewed velcro to the belt,
Sewed in the two loops on the front and one on the back for the harness,
Sorted out the harness and pinned it in place through the loops.

As it stands, all I have left to do on the harness and the belt is to add the pop-fastenings...damn, didn't think of this so I should now go buy a pop-fastening gun ¬_¬

Anyway, about to upload some pictures!

Damn...what can you do when you realise you've made the main SOLDIER belt in the wrong colour? From the pictures I was looking at, it appeared brown, but I've just been told it was black...

I may have to redo it :-\

Pauldrons are made of leather right now (not pleather like the rest of the harness and belt) and are holding up well, but I might still go wonderflex in the end. We'll see when it's all done.

Damn! Ok, so to finish my Buster Sword all I have to do is add another coat of paint and then gloss it. After a lot of hard work, it's almost finished and then...

The sky opens and begins to pour ¬_¬ So no more painting until it clears up. A whole day wasted...this is getting annoying FAST!

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