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Hairband was made by taking a wide aliceband, adding wadding to create a padded band, and wrapped in various ribbons, I've also attached a wig clip to help stop everything sliding around.
The hair snood was kindly crocheted by my grandmother (As I absolutely suck at crochet and knitting guh) in pretty gold metallic yarn,honestly, this isn't accurate to Claudia's game design, but i tried to make something more accurate with netting and ribbons and everything looked too busy and didn't sit right, so i opted for something a little simpler but still ,in my opinion, looks like it belongs and still looks fancy. I hand sewed pearls across the whole thing to add a little something more~

Bodice WIP~ I'm trying to add as much of the details as I can , then I can sew it all up!~

I decided to have a go at making Claudia's jewelry out of worbla instead of polymer clay (which i suck at!)I really like how they turned out, it was kinda tough working at such a small scale though!
There aren't a lot of Highres images of Claudia's jewelry from AC2 so the design is a little improvised, I took inspiration from other pieces of renaissance jewelry.

I decided to have a go at making Claudia's jewelry out of worbla instead of polymer clay (which i suck at!)I really like how they turned out, it was kinda tough working at such a small scale though!

Many thanks to my Fratello for helping me find these beautiful fabrics <3~
I love that the pink has a gold shimmer to it ,it matches the gold fabric so nicely =D

Poncho WIP for Puppcat~
Made from- Dyes Pink fabric to match my dress/ Acrylic paint for details.

Flower clip for Puppycat~
Made from- EVA Foam/Worbla/PVA seal/Acrylic Paint

As my first Crescent Rose (Scythe form) was pretty much totaled after Kitacon this year , and the fact I wouldn't have been able to travel all the way to London with it, the wonderful Darkshine made me Crescent Rose 1.5 in gun form so I'd have at least a prop to use until we rebuild the scythe form ,she's the best <3
This is made from foam board so it's nice and light, PVC piping,Balsa and wooded dowel...plus a bunch of other stuff~
I primed, spray painted, hand painted and sealed this myself~

All painted and sealed!
The only thing left to is attach magnets to the backs of these, since in her design the shoulder armor just kinda...floats on her shirt, there's no straps visible, and I didn't want to glue these to the shirt, figured magnets would be a better option~

Worbla shaped around shoulder (with thanks to Jo of Darkshine Cosplay~) and covered in 3 layers of PVA Glue to smooth the pieces out~

Foam pieces all covered in Worbla, ready for shaping, priming and painting~

Skirt is now finished and detailed.
The Rose is appliquéd on in the same fabric as the over dress.

Slowly getting there with this costume, ignoring the fact I haven't trimmed any of the pieces down yet, I'm finally happy with the bodice (even if i did pull it too low in this photo), I need to remake the back part of the upper black piece so it lays on top of the red skirt better too.

Cut out foam pieces- minus the back plate which i need to measure on my shoulder and make sure everything fits- double layered (triple on the center circle) ready to be covered in worbla.

I was never happy with my Ruby boots, so I decided to start again, find some more accurate boots (shorter in height, rounder toe, chunkier sole)I'm really happy with these now,I used spray paint, primed and sealed , hopefully this will stay on nicer than my first boots! Also no ruffle attached now I know they aren't attached to her boots XD

These aren't as comfortable as you'd think =( But I hope they'll do for a few photos!

Slowly getting there~ I just need to finish the Bodice so I can complete the blouse design...just that and the cape/hat to go T//T~

First time making Mittens~ (The lighting in my room makes these look way bluer than they actually are ._. )
They're not perfect but hopefully they will look OK with everything else (I'm going to die from heat haha...)
I used Fleece fun's mitten tutorial to make these~

Finally finished painting and adding the details to my skirt.
I used purple Taffeta for the hem details as the park versions of this costume seem to use a similar fabric,Melton wool for the main skirt and hand painted the patterns with the help of stencils (I'll eventually add embroidery detail to this)with acrylic paints.

Just the steps I went through to paint my skirt pattern on~ I would have loved to have embroider these on but I'm such an embroidery newbie, and I don;t have much time , I'll definitely add some in the future!

I decided making a stencil would be the best option to get all my skirt patterns even whilst painting them onto my fabric.
I also made a template for the scalloped pattern around the hem of the skirt too, making sure the smaller leaf pattern fit nicely between the peaks of the purple trim.

My second try at working with Worbla~
I tried a different technique this time, instead of forming the Worbla over foam I decided to try mold it around a clay original to get the clasps to match as much as I could.
The original sculpt is made out of Sculpey (I made them a little bigger to match the Disney park versions) and baked to set.
I then tested the mold out a couple of times before I got two I liked (my first attempt I forgot to place the ball on the tip of the heart-shape before i started priming haha)I also added some like "bridges" in the back to attach them to the finished cape.
I then primed each piece with 3 coats of PVA (I tried with more but I found the PVA took away some of the details when it got too thick)then painted them with a base silver coloured acrylic.
Then I just added a little bit of weathering, shadows and highlights and added gloss to seal everything in~

Thanks to Jo(Darkshine) for helping me out with Worbla shaping when I kept messing up haha <3

When i originally styled this wig (sewed two together) I ended up cutting the red wig too short to create the asymmetrical-ness, so I've been adding wefts to the right side to try make it look more accurate~

Painted Beowolf eyes onto an eye mask with acrylic paints and sealed~

Painted over the white pen lines with venetian gold acrylic paint and sealed~
Wow it was super hard to paint this onto each boot and make them look similar, but I think in the end I got as close as I could!

Boots design sketched out in white pen.
Also painted the heel to match the boot design a little more~

Base skirt fabric (It's a super nice soft wool, I wanted to try get accurate fabrics for this),I'm still waiting on samples to arrive for the purple/blue to put on the bottom of the skirt.
And black and gold suede-like fabric for the bodice (again I wanted to pick something that would seem more accurate, and the park version of Anna's costume look like it uses a similar style fabric for the bodice)
Plus a bunch of embroidery thread, as I wanted to try giving embroidery a go for the skirt/bodice details (though I may still paint them on depending...)

Finished sewing the blonde into my Anna wig~! So i tested it out, I'll have to figure out how to wrap some of the hair around the base of the pig tails like she has in her design~

I had to sew two wigs together to get a bit more volume in the wig i was sent (It was way too thin!) And I quickly made the hair bow, I'm a little worried it's too big T-T.
I just have to style the little curl into the front of the wig and it's done!~

Attached the pockets, waist band and shoulder straps~!
This might be the cutest thing i've ever made aaa~

Apron WIP, it was a little hard figuring out the ears, and sewing the eyes on was way harder than I thought it would be. The mouth and nose are fabric painted on.
The shape of the bottom half isn't as round as the reference pictures due to me cutting the fabric wrong, but hopefully it'll still work fine.
Just need to add the waist ties/shoulder straps and pockets.

Attached the buttons to the boot cuffs.

Made from metal backs (badge components) covered in red fabric.

This is no where near accurate, but I couldn't find a bottle big enough or in the right shape at all that didn't cost insane amounts of money T//T So this is a really inaccurate version of Snows fairy dust pendant that i threw together with stuff I already had (black and gold glitter mixed together to make it more "dark fairydust")

This is my first time using Worbla so it's been interesting~ It's really fun to work with though!
I still need to attach some loops to the back to thread it through my belt.
I think I may have made this a tiny bit too big but I'm sure it'll be OK ._.'

The dress is almost done I just need to shorten and hem, then add all the ruffles to the sleeves and bottom~

Finished the cuffs! I was going to attach them, but due to the way i made them I couldn't make them tie up right..so the ties are just there as detail, not for use >//<

And since I couldn't find any nice patterned fabric in this colour I hand drew all the pattern on with markers! Which is why once I figured out I'd laid them out wrong I couldn't change them to make them open and close, so now I just pull them on over my gloves~

It's slowly coming together, I have most of the base parts finished.
I've had to sew two wigs together to get a nice volumed wig.
Added details (the cuffs and lace) to the under blouse.
I still need to add details to the trousers (along the leg and the knees)

The chaps are so hard to get on over my boots bleh.

Completed boots! They're a little taller than Ruby's design, but not by all that much. Making the ankle belts were a pain,as was the ruffle along the tops! (I had to sew separately onto the boot tongues to make the ruffle go all the way along the top)and I painted the red along the heel~
They're super comfortable though <3 cosplays with comfortable shoes are the best.

Pins to secure the cloak to my shoulders, since in a number of refs she has no fastening (though in some refs her cloak just goes right over her head with no pins at all)
Made these by taking cross pendants and attaching them to brooch backs~

Finished the cloak today~! It took 4 meters of fabric but i think it looks nicer with the extra fabric (more swish!)Ref images show the cloak being different lengths so I just went with mid calf length so I didn't trip over it whilst walking!

So my body suit arrived for Miss Martian so i thought id try out my face paint to see if thye looked ok together, they're not a perfect match but they're as close as i'm gonna get~!

Completed the belt buckle, jsut need to attach it to the actual belt now!~
It reminds me of a citrus fruit with the segmetnt parts haha...
Made from yellow fabric, craft foam and a polystyrene ball~

Finished making my gloves, figuring out the cuff along the bottom took a while, i kinda wish i'd made them a little bigger to stick out more but i'm pretty proud .//.'

Pretty much finished...I might add some shading in places but i'm pretty happy with how these have turned out .///. (since I suck with clay uurghgh)

I made a start on mine and @Unaspi's cure broaches, i'm not so great with modeling clay but I think they look alright? I need to pick up some silver paint to finish these off at some point~

21 individual petals to make up the skirt~! DONE~(Again major thanks to Unaspi uwuwu you'rethebest)

Started on the main dress part with Unaspi's help .///. we managed to get the main part of the bodice finished up!~

Red fabric is pinned ready to sew into place~!

-i stabbed myself like 50 times doing this huur....-

Finally added the top details ,the ankle flowers and the extra gems~ -many thanks to Unaspi for the help!-

Finished cape gem/decoration~
It's around 2" and is made from a glass cabochon, with a yellow copic back, placed on a black fimo base, then I just stuck a broach attachment in the back~!

Finished the hair bow!
It only took me like...3 tries -_o I was just having trouble with how big to make it, and I still think the flower is a little too big but I think it'll be fine once the wigs styled better at the top!

I started modifying my white boots, uurgh I hate modifying boots the most, I had to cut the V shape into the top of the boot (and I’ll eventually put the pink hem on it XD) I've only managed to do the front and heel parts so far, the front part is fabric and the heel is painted, I stuck 2 of the gem's I made onto them too but I have a feeling they'll fall off once I start walking around in them ._. I may just have to sew them on.

Boots arrived~ They actually go up to my knees, I had trouble finding blue boots so these had to do (and they match the blue fabric I have to make her cape and skirt!~)
They’re easily folded down though ~ (and pretty easy to walk in) I might tack them down so they don’t start riding up when I walk.

Glass cabochons with pink backgrounds, added glitter too because... >.> she's a magical girl (and because i'm obsessed) I hope I can attach these to the boots ok

Some of the fabrics i've picked up...I'll probably have to go out and buy more -_- but i'm happy with the shades ~

Since I couldn’t find any pink with blue polka dot fabric anywhere I had to resort to painting my own!

I've been painting the beads for the dress straps like crazy ._. and i still have atleast 20-30 more to do once i buy them (trip to Hobbycraft please~!)
Since i couldn't find appropriate ones in the size they are, i've had to buy wooden beads and paint them all myself.
Three coats-
*Very light blue base coat,acrylic (looks much bluer in the photo)
*Pearlizing secondry coat, makes it shimmery~
*and then varnish, to make it super shiny and to keep everything on!
Now i just need to figure out how to attach these to the dress ._.'

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