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Tsukuomi floats and does not wear shoes. This causes problem as a human who does not float and ideally wants to be wearing shoes at a convention. I've seen people wear flats in the corresponding leg colour or just stonking ass heels but neither of those options satisfied me. So I went on the hunt for the clearest and tallest shoes I could find.

These are Pleaser Kiss-201 heels meant for pole dancing, but as they have a stonking height, a clear heel AND a clear band to hold them to your foot, they fit the bill perfectly. I painted the soles in black and white because that felt like the right thing to do. My hope is from a distance these will give the appearance of floating.

Look, I may have started this wig 2 years ago, and bought many things for the rest of the cosplay as well, but perhaps it's finally time to make this damn thing.

I started by splicing together 2 Alex wigs from Coscraft in White and Black. But the pure black and pure white can look a little odd in person, so I painstakingly handstitched extra wefts in Misty White and Natural Black respectively. The end result is an almost half black and white wig with a very nice blend. (Photo is pre wefts)

Soooo 3 years later I decided to fix this up last minute for Hibana. Started by adding a few more feathers to the wings and they immediately look a million times better.
Actually finished some of the detail on the top as well!

I keep having to push Fang back to other cons =( I've made a good start at the painting so far this year, with the intention of wearing her for Kita. But then I've realised that all the other stuff is going to take too long, even if I got the painting done. So she's once again going to have to wait. Perhaps I can finally get her done for Ame?

I really didn't need to start on yet another cosplay, but here I am. Attempting to pull it together quickly for Minami and/or Kita! Fabric and paints have been ordered. The sewing shouldn't take too long to do, slightly concerned the painting will take a while though. I'm wondering if perhaps I should buy some iron on vinyl instead? Going to have to decide soon!

Sometimes I forget I can post progress here as well as on my blog/Facebook, oops!

Corset is well on it's way. Fully steal-boned and is quite comfy to wear. Just need to add the trim at the top.

Skirt was done in an evening. Half circle skirts of net with one lining one, and a zip at the back. Unfortunately, is just a little too big for me! (And I say a little, I mean a lot) So hopefully if I have enough time I can re-insert the zip to make it fit =)

Finally the beast is 100% complete and done. Do you ever get that feeling where you work for so long on a single cosplay, that you end up really bored with it and are itching to do something else? Because that's how I feel about this cosplay now. It's taken about 10 months from start to finish, albeit not constant work on it. Still, I'm glad to be able to work on something else now.
I'll put this away into the wardrobe for a bit, and maybe bring it out again in a few months =)

The amount of wear I got out of this cosplay is insane. I think I wore her about 6 times in one year. She became my go-to cosplay, partly because I had neither time nor money to make many more new ones. I suppose she's retired for now, but it was nice to finally wear something I'd dreamed of for so long.

Even if, were I ever to remake it (which I won't), I'd use pleathers instead of stretch. Because challenge. And more realistic.

I was super stoked to win a judge's choice award in the masquerade at Auchinawa <3 I got some great feedback from them afterwards and thus I have a long list of things I want to finish, improve and make so that this cosplay is even better next time =)
I hope to enter this into the Eurocosplay prelims this year, so definitely need to make sure I'm on top of my game!

I meant I don't love Fang quite as much as Lightning, but she's been on the list for a while. Now the fabric has been bought, copious amounts of ribbon is on it's way, so let the painting begin!

I did start making this cosplay, but I never seemed to have the motivation to actually get on and finish it! But recently, the very lovely Yuka has given me her cosplay. I need to make my own skirt (which actually I had already started) and possibly make a few minor alterations, but it means I now have most of the cosplay!

Just a little start today =)

The bodice is a basic corset - plastic boning instead of steel - to which I'll add faff and frills at a later date!

Also, the colour looks a little blue here, but I promise you it's purple!

We have sleeves now. Although, they're pretty terrible. But they're hidden under stuff, so I'm not sure I care =p

And yeah, I like the bodysuit on it's own.
And I like the shorts on they're own.
And the leggings.
And the boots.
And even the headband and gloves.
But altogether, I'm not so sure.

Proud of this so far, especially since I'm not great with props =) So close to being finished with everything as well. Bring on Kita!!

But here's some obvious progress on the body suit (that's what I'm calling it).

The sword is well on its way. I need to buy some more wood glue (seriously, it used a whole bottle so far =/) then sand like hell and paint. I'm mainly doing it on my weekdays.

Elsewise, the shoes are somewhat half done. Just need to add on the decorative bits. Wig has been bought, but will need some styling.
And I still need to make a start on her various shouldery pieces. Oh, but the red gloves are done! =)

I had a bit of a moment where I didn't want to bother with this cosplay anymore, so I lost over a week of time, but never fear, I'm in cosplay chess, so now I have motivation again!

I've now made the basic shoe covers. I still haven't bothered to sew the bodysuit bits together, but I'll find the time eventually. Also made the gloves, because let's be honest, they were easy. And I hate making gloves.
I think I may take a break from sewing to make her sword. Bought all the bits for that last week. Hopefully gonna make it really well <3

Have finished the leggings and the shorts today, so well on my way, and also really loving how it's going so far =)

The main body piece still needs to be sewn to the red shorts, but they're almost done. Which leaves me boots, arm pieces and a few bits and bobs. Oh, and I need to buy the wig still. And make the sword...

The aim is to get all the sewing done by the end of January (if possible) leaving me 2 months to finish my other 2 Kita cosplays and make the sword =)

Made a fine start on this yesterday (determined to not leave everything to the last minute).

All the fabric for this cosplay is lycra (of some sort) because I thought stretchy stuff would be easiest. I mean, I need to match the leggings with everything else, and they're much easier to make with stretch.

Anyway, I started by throwing some steel grey (perfect colour imo) lycra over my mannequin and pinning the sides. Gave me a lovely base for the top, as you can see in the wonderful photo. After a bit of a faff with choosing a zip, I drew a line down the centre of the bodice (can I call it that?). I carefully cut part of this to give me a rough neckline. Pinned it all to shape and then cut out some yellow lycra to match the curve.
Zip was then pinned and sewn in, leaving me to finish off sewing the rest of the yellow part down.

Also got started with the leggings. Cut 2 rectangles each of grey and brown, sewed them up (with a shiny strechy stitch!) then carefully top-stitched white bias binding on the top. Suddenly discovered that she has silly red triangles on her leggings, but that's fine, I need to pin the leggings to size, then I can put the triangles on, sew it up and done =]

Marking as complete. The paldrons are half done, and I may get around to finishing them at some point, but I feel in no rush now.

It may only be pinned, but at least I made a start.

I was powering through with this until I dropped it all to finish Rosa for ECG prelims instead. But, dress is done (although, needs to be shortened), cape is done, working on the cuffs to finish the sleeves, and the corset bit is mostly done.

Finally started to chop up the long denim jacket I bought into a skirt and smaller jacket. Then it's really simply a case of buying more bits and ironing a design onto the jacket.

I found out there were still a couple of places left for the ECG prelims, and in my great wisdom I decided to enter Rosa (since I had considered entering her before). That gives me just over a week to finish. Oh dear.

Cosplay progress on my birthday!

And I don't have much else to say =p

Some of these still need sewing and they're all just pinned into place, but you get the idea.
Clearly lots more detailing to go still, but I wanted to see how things we looking so far.

Making a start on the painting on the longest cape.
The flowers are all done now. Need to do the swirly leaves beneath and the bit half way up.

There is still a fair way to go, since I have to do the same for the upper cape and various bits of detailing elsewhere.

Scavenged some bamboo beads which I chopped in half and sprayed gold.

Found some faceted clear beads which I painted pink with nail varnish.

Scavenged the other beads as well.

And there you go =]

Did some painting today and it's all swirly and pretty =3

Also bought pretty much everything else I still need for this. I think boots and a bra are the only things left.

Raided my mum's stores to find bits for these. Found gold hoops which I sprayed silver and black beads which I sprayed gold =p
But they very much work as earrings =]

Also raided for some beads for the belt thing. Have all but the pink ones, which I assumed I'd have to make (or buy if I'm very lucky in finding some) anyway.

Siren has been planned in my head for a while now, but since I won't do her until at least 2014, I hadn't bothered to put her up here yet.

But today, whilst buying some ribbon, I came across some yellow fur in the remnants bin.
I've been planning to test out various ways to make feathers (paper, foam, fur) since I can't afford enough real turkey feathers. But this fur was a steal. It's at least 2 metres (if not more) for £9.99.
Should be able to make sufficient feathers and save myself about £100.

Hence why she is going up, because technically I've made a start, even though I don't plan to actually do anything else towards her until summer at the earliest (have to start early since I have so many feathers to make).

Finally got round to finishing it!

The circle is a slight bend in the blade, which I need to strengthen up =3

I've got to try to get all the sew parts done for Yeul before I go back to uni, next week, as I can't be sure I'll have a sewing machine (using my mum's at home, mine's knackered).
But had a sudden worrying thought that I didn't suit Yeul in the slightest and that I therefore didn't want to waste my time making it if that was the case.

So I decided to do a quick wig test, because that's the easiest way to tell.
So here you go.
Excuse the lack of makeup, the bad picture, the badly coloured eyes.
But it's enough to tell me to go ahead with the sewing =]

I did a marvelous thing yesterday. I bought all my fabric for this for £3. In total.

There is certainly enough white for the dress, slightly worried that the red might not be enough, but I'm pretty sure there will be as it's not quite a full cloak.
Work won't start until at least after Christmas, but I'm happy I've got half of the materials =]

Bought for Micaiah next year but decided to use for this first, so cut in the fringe and minorly styled.

Only evil because these were my 4th attempt at making gloves for Light. Still, these have worked lovelyly =]

Made from a cheap pair of stretchy leggings from Primark. Who'd have thought that Primark would save the day? <3

A completed bag of DOOM!!!
The pockets are all fully accessible and usable, all four of them. Damn pocket-ception.
4 days of hard work just for one silly bag.

Totes gonna write out a full shopping list for this cosplay, just because I'm intrigued as to how much I have actually ended up spending on it.

So many things I didn't use in the end, or only half used. So much wasted money orz

Having a love affair with my mum's sewing machine (about 25 years newer than mine, mine being my mum's old one with dodgy tension) so getting quite a bit done now.

Oh dear god. Last week was pretty much a week of hell.

Finished my last exam on the 18th so had exactly a week to finish this cosplay. And it was no where near enough.
I started rushing, getting stressed, shed many a tear and it still wasn't done.

I did get most of the gunblade done (as shown) but didn't have time to put the pieces together. And unfortunately, it snapped on the way to Expo.

Yeah, I took everything unfinished to Expo in the vain attempt to finish it, but in the end, I decided it wasn't worth it. I just wanted a nice relaxing weekend.

That heat.

But still, I wore my Light wig a little (just to feel a bit included) and took some photos and wore Lestrade and will continue Lightning and have her ready in time for Manchester Expo/Tokonatsu =]

/long rambley journal is long...and rambley....

Just showing the difference in colour from original.

As the title says ^^
Just a couple of quick things.

Have made a base template for the pauldron, which I'm making from clay. Would have used wire, but I don't have any wire cutters and bending wasn't enough.
Can also use it as padding for the finished thing as well.

Also made the bullet holders for the gloves (as shown).

Very WIP mind you =p

Just need to work out how to do the collar before I sew front and lining together. Oh, and need to get those pockets of hers onto the front first as well.

So I decided to make this cosplay as easy and cheap as possible.
Have bought a white playsuit as shown, which I plan to dye orange and there we have the main part of the cosplay =p
Did think about adding straps, cause I don't really like strapless. But, this seems fairly tight, so as long as I get an orange bra I should be fine.

Will also get some orange socks, a white wig with an orange band and then make the wings of a wire coat hanger and some felt probably =p

Sewed in the zip but it's bobbling, so I've unpicked it since and am handsewing it in (not that that's helping much).
So I don't want to finish the bottom until the zip's in so I know the exact length.

My shirt arrived this morning.
The one I bought for 6p. I do love ebay sometimes <33

In an effort to make this a cheap cosplay, I'll probably wear my existing suit jacket, even though it's a woman's jacket....
Which means I need some cheap black trousers, wig and some sort of shoes.

Have done a paper template for the bag this time. Might start cutting out the pattern pieces, not gonna sew it tonight though (also want to find out if I need better needles...).

The pockets are a bit wide (well, deep, as in, the bag sticks out too much from my leg) and maybe a little too wide from the other way. But I'll edit that as I sew.

I shall put some things in the actual photos when things are actually finished. Not much to show for now really.

I'm going to be a terribly Lightning.

Too late now.

Shall do my best to get over that fact and do her anyway.

Then hide.

Well. Not completely finished. Still need some eyelets for the shorts.

And it's a crap photo.
And I've started the jumper but it's a bit rubbish. And not the greatest colour. I may try to dye it.

/£70/ worth of fabric. And the grey stuff is supposed to be off white =/ Guess I shall try to sell it on and find some more somewhere else. Unless I can work out a way to bleach it lighter, but if that fails I certainly won't be able to sell it.

Hopefully gonna try and do some work tonight, now that I have threads as well.

Within the next few days, I shall spend £60 on fabric for Lightning. That's a lot to me. Especially when there'll be lots of extras to buy as well (buckles, buttons, boots). And I already bought the shorts and had the fabric for the skirt. Most of it is the leatherette.

Remind me why I put my bank account through this again? I struggle to see why.

Not much else to say =p
Made it out of strips of an old pair of Primark boots. Have also rescued the zips to reuse on the skirt =D (which should hopefully be made tomorrow)

I had a terrible day back in May when I wore this. Due to exams I'd had to rush parts of the cosplay which meant I was unhappy with how accurate they were and I didn't have time to do everything either. I was supposed to be in a masquerade group, but I half heartedly tried to find them and then went home early instead =/

Anyway, I am re-wearing for October Expo 2011. I am remaking the armbands and hope to have done the glove and weapon as well. If I have time I will also be touching up the shorts. At some point I'll upload a photo from May and then get some proper ones in October =]

So I finished styling the wig today. I admit, I'm not completely happy with it. Apparently I'm not that great at styling wigs. I'm proud of how I cut it and then failed the styling =p

Oh well, I think it's good enough. I hope....

And it's a first wig, I've got to get credit for that surely?

I ordered the wig from CosCraft over the weekend and it arrived today, little bit excited ^^

It's not quite as pink as I was expecting, it's more mixed, but actually I think that's good for Lightning. So many people have really pink wigs for her and her hair is just not like that. It's quite pale and has a tinge of peach to it. I'm not saying mine's perfect but it think it's a little closer.

Anyway, all I have done so far is part the hair an roughly position it so I can start to cut and style it tomorrow. I shall be doing a casual Lightning next week with EscapedYesterday's casual Hope. I just hope I don't screw the wig up =p
This will be the first wig I have ever cut and styled. I am a little nervous.

I decided to throw on what I have so far, just to see how it may look
(The shirt was just a random white one I found, should be buying a proper one tomorrow)

I'm happy with the skirt and belt =]
I do need to actually alter the skirt to make it shorter, temporarily just folded up but I think that length will be right right
As for the jumper/vest/thing, I think it's the best I can do for the police vest. I can't really afford to buy one, especially since I doubt I will have use for this cosplay again. I'm just gonna make a POLICE badge and hope people don't look too closely (this kills me, I'm a stickler for details, everything would be perfectly accurate if I could afford it)

Handcuffs were ordered yesterday
Found someone selling hat and necktie (and more handcuffs, as I only found it after I bought some) which I shall hopefully purchase and then this is almost complete
Tights also need to be ordered. Found some, just need to bother to get round to it
And shoes will have to be some I already have. They're black, with laces, ignore the white bit when you see them please?

However, still waiting for my wig to arrive
Expecting it this week hopefully

So there was an Eleven cosplayer on the MCM forums and I asked if they wouldn't mind being him on sunday as well, which they didn't so yay!

Think I'm mostly settled on doing her Kissogram/police outfit, seeing as this Eleven is being the scruffy version from The Eleventh Hour so it'll fit
I'm mostly assured that as long as I don't pretend to be a real police officer I will be fine

Problem comes with the wig
Found the perfect one (albeit too long, but cutting should be easy)
Except with this stupid ash and having all flights grounded it's not going to be able to get here from Hong Kong =\
I can buy a cheap one I guess, for now, but I'd rather not waste money
May seem if anyone has one I can borrow temporarily for the expo, and I can a wig later

I did my hood the other day =]
And did the grey top and skirt a long time ago

Tomorrow I'm currently planning on finishing the grey bit
In which case I'll only have the decoration-y bits left to do
Black ribbon detail and the Nobody sign
Have to go out an buy ribbon and felt for that, otherwise I'd do it next week
As soon as though =]

(picture is) Here!
At least in a drawn form =]

Now I actually know where I'm going, once I find a pattern for the underdress I can start =D

I'm not sure how to get many pictures for reference. Google searches turn up nothing.
There seems to be a few Dusk cosplays and several Dancers but I didn't see a trace of any others.
The in-game journal entry for it is rather useful, it's just limiting in having to have KH2 running. I can't very easily take pictures from the TV.


Other than that, I can't imagine it being overly hard to make.
It is a deffinite for this summer =]

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